Strange Anomaly

by Alex M. (written by his brother Bill M.)
June 1968

On June 9th, 2010, UFO*BC received a email from "Bill M.", in which he describes some very strange events that happened to his brother, "Alex". In August 2010, two UFO*BC Directors, Steve Adair and Dave Pengilly, met with Alex and discussed the story. Basically, he confirmed the events, as described by his brother, were correct. The strange events took place in 1968, while Alex was prospecting in the Canadian Northwest Territories. Below, Bill gives an introduction before relating his brother's story.

To whoever may be interested?

Before I write about the intended message of this letter I am giving a short background of myself.

I am 58 years old male and still employed and I have been working as an instructor at a College since 1990.  Before this time I have worked in a wide variety of construction work.  I think of myself as a reasonable person and open minded up to a point.  I do not believe in the here after, parallel universes, angels or aliens.  I believe that humans are responsible for all things bad and all things good that happen to us.  I do not believe aliens have built the pyramids or any other structures on earth.  I am telling you these things to let you know that I am not predisposed to believe aliens are visiting earth, I do feel that I am open to listening and would change my views if I saw reasonable reasons to do so.

My oldest brother, who is 76 years old, was/is a miner-prospector.  Many times in the last 30 years he has said to me that some day he will tell me a story of something that he had happen to him, and that he hoped that I would not think he was crazy. I believe him to be a very level headed person and not taken to having flights of fancy telling strange stories.  This past winter I received a letter from him highlighting what I can only describe as a very strange story, a story that does not fit the man I have known all my life.  I felt quite concerned and telephoned him to see if he was ok. 

During the telephone conversation he told me even more about his experience and that he feels a need to tell the whole story. He came to visit me a few days later, armed with topographical maps.  After a couple of days of listening to what, he said, was the whole story and looking at maps, I realised that he is the same level headed thinking man I have always known.  He firmly believes all that he told me.  He was very nervous telling the story and seemed relieved to be able to tell the whole story to somebody who would listen non-judgementally.  It is my understanding that people who have had unexplainable things happen to them are reluctant to tell their story for obvious reasons.  The experience he described to me happened in 1968.

Watching BBC world news recently I saw a short blurb about Steven Hawking and his beliefs concerning aliens.  I was very surprised to hear that he would believe such things.  This made me recall the story my brother told me.

I am going to make an attempt to relay his story to you, my brother asked for my help in sending out this information.

If you feel that I am wasting your time, please accept my sincerest apologies.

Bill M.

In June 1968, as part of a larger group, my brother Alex and his partner (Boogie) Veino Heimonen were hired by a Vancouver based mining company to do prospecting from Yellowknife N.W.T to the Arctic Ocean.  Alex and Boogie are not Professional geologists and were hired to bang rocks, looking for ore deposits.

The group set up the main camp at a large lake while Alex and Boogie were set up in a satellite camp approximately 10 miles away. The satellite camp did not have radio contact or helicopter service to the main camp. Apparently in those days 10 miles was not far enough away to warrant radio contact. If they had a need to replenish supplies they had to walk to the main camp to get supplies, which was an all day trek. 

Due to the isolation and the long daylight hours they spent a great deal of each day prospecting. The only vices they each had with them were cigarettes for Boogie and smokeless tobacco for Alex. When Alex was telling me the story I questioned their access to alcohol while they were there, he reassured me that all their camps were dry camps.

Their time in the satellite camp was supervised by a geologist from the company head office. The company geologist did not stay at the satellite camp but did put in an appearance periodically, approximately 1 or 2 times a month. On one of his trips the company geologist told about a strange rock he had found west of their camp and if they would investigate. The geologist explained how to locate the area where he found the rocks; it was not a great distance from the satellite camp. The geologist thought that the rocks where a remnant of a meteorite or part of a deep seated intrusion brought to its present location by lava flows, but could not put the rock in a known geological category (U.R.T.: Unknown Rock Type). 

Because the URT was not a great distance from their camp they investigated that same day.  The larger rocks were approximately 3 feet long and 1 1/2 feet in diameter. They were shaped similar to a banana. The rock was silver in colour and made up of smaller oddly shaped rocks, See Figure1

The smaller rocks were laminated in various different directions.  Alex described them as being translucent, similar to looking at frog’s eggs having the appearance of one egg below the other egg in a matrix. The rock in Figure 1 was easy to see when looking at a side view.  When turned to look at an edge view it seem to have a thickness of a cigarette paper or less, more like no thickness, very difficult to see.            

Alex and Boogie brought several samples back to camp; each sample was about the size of a medium potato and were made up of the smaller rocks as in Figure 1.  Alex said that neither he nor Boogie could explain the rock type nor have they seen anything like this before.



            U.R.T.Unknown Rock Type


·        All U.R.T.’s are identical in shape and size.


·        U.R.T.’s are laminated together, bonded together by a matrix of some type that is not evident by looking at it.


·        U.R.T.’s appear to be somewhat translucent


·        U.R.T.’s are silvery in color






That evening they made a fire using wood from an old, large tripod that was left behind by a diamond drilling camp. The tripod had enough wood to allow them a fire for six or seven evenings. One evening while sitting around the fire Alex was looking at the URT rocks, he threw a smaller piece (about 8 cubic inches) into the fire.  The following morning Alex scraped through the ashes of the fire in order see how the heat may have affected the URT.  He could not find the rock but did find what appeared to be clear volcanic glass having a rounded teardrop shape with a burnt copper colour stain on the small end, see Figure 2, the teardrop shape was about 3/4 the size of the sample he threw in the fire the night before.     


**SEE FIGURE 3: The drawing is not to scale and is drawn by me as I understand it to be.

In the late 70’s or early 80’s Alex wrote a letter to Dr. Sinclair, Geology Department, UBC, describing the rock as described above, in hopes of getting help to identify the rock. Dr. Sinclair responded to the letter about a year later explaining that it takes about a year to do the research to classify a new rock type, but based on the description as given to him he could not match it to any known rock on the planet.  Apparently Dr. Sinclair is now retired but still alive.  

On August 31, the day was clear with excellent visibility.  Boogie headed south to prospect while Alex headed north to prospect.  In the early afternoon Alex saw two humps to the north west of his position.  They appeared to have a shape like a half egg; ** they seemed out of place in relation to the surrounding area.  Alex headed to the two humps to investigate.  When he got there he discovered the humps were two large rocks with smooth rounded surfaces, they were about 8 to 10 feet tall with bases of 12 to 14 feet.  

The two humps were near the edge of a cliff**, off to his left there was a gouge in the cliff** that was about 4 feet by 4 feet, the gouge went down to the bottom of the cliff to a flat gully**.  From his vantage point on top of the cliff he could see what looked like a fog column (bank), it was very still with no movement.

Alex went down the gouge to the gully below**.  A great deal of the gully bottom was covered with moss and lichen.  He started to walk south down the gully with the fog column on his left, he then noticed what looked like a large pile of rocks off to his right**, approximately 20 tons. After some digging he found 6 or more of those rounded teardrop glass shapes and a lot of slag that you would find in an assay lab or a smelter, man made.

After investigating the smelted rocks he walked toward the fog column**, slightly to his left he noticed what appeared to be an old dead tree lying on the ground**.  He walked over to get a better look. It had a trunk that was about 18 to 20 inches in diameter (56” to 63” in circumference) and about 8 feet long. The tree had no bark on it. There were so many roots at the base of the tree that the trunk was not touching the ground while lying there.  The area was mostly rock and did not look like it could support a tree with such an extensive amount of roots.

Leaving the tree he walked toward the fog column**.  He could not find any evidence of moisture or evidence of a hole in the ground that may be venting an old underground mining shaft or tunnel. He decided to walk into the fog column.  As he entered only a few steps everything changed: He saw a grassy field that extended straight ahead for as far as he could see, at this point the grass was about 12” high. The further he went into the mist the higher the grass got, about 36” tall and it was a brown colour, there was a wind blowing the grass in a direction away from him.  His vision was limited from side to side which made him even more cautious, he turned around and got out of the mist. He could not remember the colour of the sky that was inside the mist, he thought it may have been grey, but did remember that the grass was a brownish/beige colour.

He decided to go back into the fog to be sure of what he had just experienced, and cautioned himself not to walk into the grass, he felt that walking into the grass would be dangerous but did not know why he felt that way.  He re-entered the mist and went in a little further than he had the first time and the grass was even higher, about 48”, and his side to side vision got better. Far off to his right there was what looked like an oasis with medium sized trees forming a circle and two palm trees growing in the centre of the circle of trees.  To his left was more grass as far as he could see, it was still a brown/beige colour and the sky was as he thought a pale grey colour. The sky was clear and not overcast.

Exiting the fog he found himself on his hands and knees, looking down at the ground. He felt mentally fatigued.  He looked up at the mist and saw two men looking at him, they were standing side by side at the edge of the fog and about 3 feet off the ground.  They appeared to be about 6 feet tall plus, had long hair and long beards, salt & pepper colour (more salt colour). They appeared to be about 40 or so years old.  They looked Caucasian having facial features like ours but could not see any eyeballs.  They looked like identical twins.  They were wearing pale coloured pants and robes that extended down midway between the knee and ankle and a belt around their middle, both were wearing sandals. He looked back down at the ground then back up at the two men in the mist, now one is off to one side in the mist and behind the front man.  The man in the front was still standing while the man in the back seem to be sitting on a chair that was not there, it was a lot more difficult to see him in the mist. The man in the back reminded him of the statue called “The Thinker”.  Neither of them said anything, they only watched him.  Alex said that at this point he was feeling quite shaken, and decided to get back to camp.

He went up the sloped bank to the west of where he was**. He looked back at the fog and the one man continued watching him until he was about half way up the slope.  At the top of the hill there was a body of water that was close to the edge of a cliff.  He walked to his right to go around the base of the hill then went partway down the hill going south; he noticed that he was close to his line of travel between camps.  He could see small bodies of water on the top of the hill; he decided to go up the hill to investigate**.  The bodies of water were sloping down both sides of the hill.  The surface of the water followed the slope; in other words the surface of the water was on an angle (not flat) the water was contained by walls of grass. The grass was about 12 to 18 inches high by 4 inches wide and about ¼” thick, shiny green in colour and had a waxy texture.  The grass was holding the water in place.  The water was very calm and about 3 feet from the edge of a 30 foot cliff as shown in the diagram Figure 3. There was no debris floating in the water.  (See Figure 3 and Figure 4)

Leaving the two bodies of water he went back down the hill heading to his line of travel pathway with the intent to go back to camp**.  On his way to camp he noticed a large outcropping of different looking rock.  He went to the outcropping to investigate and discovered it to be a vast amount of the type of rock that the geologist could not identify, he estimated there to be about 20,000,000 tons visible to the eye. Most of it was covered with overburden, moss and lichen. After investigating the outcropping for a short time, he went back to camp. He told no one at camp the story he told me. 

After the experience Alex described to me, he seems to question the validity of the Bible. As he put it, would the Bible be written today? He seems to think this is an important question.

The following day they moved both camps to another area for a further two weeks of prospecting.  He did not find anything out of the ordinary in the new area.

Apparently I am the second person he confided in since 1968.


All of what I am relaying to you is from memory based on information given to me by Alex and letters sent to me by Alex, there is probably more that I do not remember or misunderstood.  To the best of my knowledge the above is accurate.


Please see Figure 4 for further details

For an enlargement of Figure 3, click HERE.


The leaves surrounding the water (A to E) and (E to C) are about 1/4” thick x 4” wide and about 12” tall, the leaves going from D to E are the same but 18” tall.  The leaves are growing together very tightly and have a waxy feel to them. The leaves seem to be holding back the water, although this does not explain why the water is on a slant.

A to B = is about 40 feet
B to C = is about 40 feet
B to D = is about   7 feet
D to E = is about 60 feet