Merritt Lights Report/Sighting

by Janet F. (Named Changed for privacy)
Approximate sighting date was November 2007

By Richard T - UFOBC

At the time that these photos where taken, I was driving long haul, pulling "B" trains, and fully loaded with scrap metal that I loaded at a Kelowna refuse site, I believe in the same area as the "MISSING TIME IN KELOWNA" experience...and about the same date. After I left Kelowna, I stopped in Westbank, as I always did, we had an office there, and my kids lived there also, at that time with my ex-husband so I would always stop and see them. That evening I left Westbank, just as the sun was going down. When I started to climb Brenda mine hill, it was dusk but still light enough to see the shapes and shadows of the mountains and the canyons running between. I was climbing very slowly, about 20Kms. per hr...about 20 minutes into the long 45 minute trek to the top. I looked up ahead just in time to see the most spectacular sight I've ever seen in my entire life, a huge disk-shaped vessel, enormous in size, at about two kilometers away from where I was, I would have to estimate that it was well over 1000 feet in diameter, and maybe 50 feet in height at the edge, to 75 feet in height, at the center. It was the brightest neon blue I've ever seen, the only thing I could ever compare it to besides Las Vegas, would be a "Neon tetra" a small fish common in fish tanks, it has a blue stripe on each side that seems to glow as it reflects of the light, like, "NEON". That was the first thing that popped into my head when I laid eyes on it, beautiful !!!! you would have had to have been blind to not see this, so close and so clearly visible, it had windows all the way around it...there was no mistaking this for anything other than what it was. It was traveling so slowly and with such grace, it traveled low, through the canyon, ever so carefully maneuvering around the next bend just ahead and around the mountain that I was climbing, then I lost sight of it before I could get my camera out of the pouch. Knowing that it was just on the other side of the mountain from me, I tried in vain to move faster up the hill, but my truck was much too heavy to go any faster than I was already. I had to get a photo of this, it was too beautiful to ever explain, "not that anyone would care to take me seriously anyway". I prayed and begged to GOD, to please let me catch up to it before it's too late, I was almost at the top when I all but gave up hope of ever seeing it again, there was no way, I thought, then, just as I was about to crest the top of the hill, I looked to my right, out over the tree tops, there it was, out in the open, about 2 Kms away at about my eye height, I put my passenger window down as fast as the button would work, came to an abrupt halt, on the hill, almost immediately I noticed that it was now moving in the opposite direction as before, and was beginning to gain speed, it was going to take off and I knew it, I wasn't going to miss this chance, I raised my camera and took three consecutive photos, one after the other, which was instantaneous, and automatic with this 35 mm. camera. This thing was gone in the blink of an eye, it was gone so quickly, I really felt that there was no way that I could have possibly caught it on film I was so disappointed, you can imagine the excitement when I open the pictures and found that I had indeed caught it on film, in only the first photo, but the next two really show how fast it took off, gone in less than one second, but I still got it, not only that, I captured it in the process of, launching, leaping, taking off, jumping, changing frequencies or bending time or space, and it shows in the photo with the most stunning display of design and colour, as though it were turning time inside out, or pulling space inside itself and out the other side, maybe a physicist could explain it, but I doubt it, I feel so lucky to have been fortunate enough to not only see this amazing piece of technology, but to have a very, very, important piece of history that the world will one day accept as fact..... It's mind boggling. I still can't get over the way that this vessel, ship, craft, what have you, as gigantic as it was, how gracefully and peacefully it moved, as though not to disturb a single branch, it was completely silent not a sound, it was almost as if it were sightseeing, like a tour bus, to look, but don't disturb the natives. lol !!...Well, I Well! I continued one my way, and just as I was thinking that this evening couldn't possibly get any better,,,,IT DID !!! maybe 20 minutes down further I looked to my right, out over the vast wilderness, like a shag carpet of tree, as far as the eye could see,,, there they were, everywhere!! I pulled over, put my window down and proceeded to take pictures, it was so dark by now, I didn't know if they would show in the pictures or not, but I still took a lot of pictures, suddenly, I realized, that I was all alone, not another vehicle in sight, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the mountains, on the Coquihalla highway, at sunset road, between Westbank and Merritt, just me, AND, them, I thought I should be on my way. Feeling thankful that I didn't disturb THEM!, [enough to approach me anyway], I moved on down the highway, again. I got to Elkheart road in about 25 minutes or so, only to notice that over the trees ahead, was a glowing of light, that I'd never seen before, "I travel this highway "ALOT" ,, as I got closer, I realized, "that this night wasn't over yet" I figured I had stretched my luck about as far as they were going to let me, "Oh well!! nothing I can do, I'd never get away anyway, so I may as well push it more while I got the chance, it's not like I can just take a picture and run, I had nothing to lose, unless I got away, and didn't take more pictures." I was so sick of not being believed, it was worth the chance. Sooooo, camera in hand, and window down, "shaking like a leaf by now" traveling fairly slow down the hill, at the bottom is a clearing, that clearing I was sure, is where the light was coming from. I  then came around the curve and stopped as fast as I could, I then took a picture as fast as I could push the button. because ???, I was at the bottom of a hill. now, I had another hill to climb right in front of me, there was no getting a run at it now, so much for getting away fast... it was a little nerve racking, and a little embarrassing, "they probably thought I was crazy too", needless to say, I did manage to get away with the one shot. There are two, disk shaped objects, lights were on, and you can clearly see, what looks to be windows around the outside" no neon blue though, just what seemed to be normal light, and these objects seemed to be smaller, in comparison to the others that I had seen previously, { maybe they're unrelated} but !! you can see the light cast by these objects, on the ground, just a couple of feet below them.

--- UFOBC Investigation ---

It was a very interesting meeting with Janet F. We were welcomed into her rural home and shown around her amazing vehicle collection – then the interesting started. We sat down and watched as Janet went through about 3 hours of footage in about an hour span. It was the same footage she took while driving her 18-wheeler along the Coquihalla. She showed us various lights in areas where she claims should be no lights. I must admit that I am familiar with the area, and have never seen anything like that during the day or night that could account for some of the lights. However due to far too much shaking and reflection off the glass/mirror/window it is impossible to say anything. Her demeanour was certainly credible and has nothing to gain from any type of publicity and would rather not be known personally as a witness.

There were however 2 facts that both Gavin and myself found interesting. Oddly enough they were mentioned in passing, and not dwelled upon that certainly added to both the credibility and validity of the report.

 1. She mentioned that while driving her rig down the road she was being followed by a luminous blue object and that while it passed her she felt like the trailer on the truck was coming off the ground. The interesting part is that later I questioned what type of load she was carrying, it wasn’t fruit or some perishable items as I had suspected, however it was scrap metal. Interestingly she didn’t think anything of this fact and continued on talking about the light she was seeing on the video tape.

The part that was intriguing was that having a ferrous metallic load would allow potentially for the entire trailer end to be picked up by a huge magnetic field (theoretical UFO low speed propulsion system), and describe the feelings of being lifted off the ground… however the best was yet to come.

 While we were leaving we stopped out by her gate and chit-chatted about the local area. In passing she told this intriguing story:

 2. While on a pickup in Merritt, she arrived at 3am – the transfer station would not load her until they opened at 6am, so she and her friend in another trailer had a few hours to wait. As they got out of their rigs, the evening was clear, cold and the area had a fresh coating of snow. They looked up and the night sky and she suddenly had the feeling that 2 of the stars were “not stars” … she told this to her friend who looked at them and said nothing. So with 3 hours left, Janet told her friend she would drive about 1KM on the other side of the huge lot and rest. She got into her truck, maneuvered away, and went into her sleeper to play some “Scratch and Win” while waiting for the load. As she was playing, she heard a noise of rustling from the front of the locked cab. She leaned forward and started to pull back the curtain. As she started to do so, she saw a thumb and 2 fingers of an odd coloured hand close the curtains. She suddenly got the feeling of  “Oh that isn’t important” and went back to playing her scratch and win! She said after that she drifted off into a sleep and discovered that when she awoke a few hours later she felt completely refreshed as if she had been sleeping for days – although she had been up all of the previous night. As she went to move her rig around, she noticed that the driver side mirror was smashed, although it had been fine just hours before when she arrived at her stop and there were no signs in the snow around her truck save her tyre marks. There were no rocks or signs of impact on the glass and the truck had not been on (and thus not a crack due to the mirror heaters).

When she went back to her friend, she found him looking at the sky. She noticed that the 2 “stars” were gone, and when questioned her friend said “oh yeah, they just took off at a high rate of speed just a while ago” in a very nonchalant type of way, and never mentioned anything else about it.

From an investigation point of view, the interesting thing about this is that the entire story about the “hand” was told very “as a matter of fact” with little to no emotional association – the same way you would describe having a bad jug of milk from the corner store. Both Gavin and I believe that this could potentially be a very interesting abduction report, as it was said as a matter of fact, nonchalant – with far less emotion that such an encounter (human or otherwise) would certainly dictate. Indeed, her reaction to go back and play her scratch and win, was certainly not in character nor was it normal, and her recounting of the event as an in passing manner was in itself very odd.

If Janet had made up the account, she certainly would have paid much more attention to the story and embellished it, as she is a very creative and intelligent individual – thus her manner of recounting the story and the details themselves would lead to a very credible story.

Overall I would rate this as a very interesting interview and Janet certainly is a credible witness, and in my opinion was potentially involved in a classical abduction case, or some other type of bonafied experience.

Janet plans to visit the same site and obtain steady daylight photographs and video in order to help us further our investigation.

Richard T


*NOTE - Names have been changed to protect the identity of the witnesses.

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