The Langley Floating Objects

by  Daniel J. (Named Changed for privacy)

It has been several years since this event took place so I can’t remember the exact date, or even a year. The best I can do to narrow it down, is to say that it happened several years after my last move, which would roughly put it between 2003 and 2006. I do remember it was fall and late in the afternoon, but still daytime; probably between 3 and 5 pm.

My girlfriend and I were heading SW down Glover Road in Langley, BC. As she was the one driving I had an unobstructed view of the hills to my right and was musing myself looking out the window. I noticed two perfectly round objects moving in direction opposite from ours, apparently gliding just a few degrees above the hilltops. We often get to see hot air balloons in this neighborhood, so the sight didn’t arouse my suspicion at first. I said to her “Hey honey, check out those balloons over there”. She was in the middle of explaining something to me so she glanced over and then continued talking. I kept watching the two objects and quickly realized they were actually quite different from hot air balloons altogether. They were silver/gray in color, not your typical Re/Max kind we normally see around here. They were perfectly round with no baskets underneath and were gliding across the horizon too quickly for hot air balloons. Granted, hot air balloons can sometimes be far enough not to have a basket visible at all, but the same basic inverted-teardrop shape is always present. Then I remembered seeing a report on TV about a brand-new type of weather station that was being tested halfway across the country. They were tethered massive white balls filled with helium that can house personnel and weather instruments inside, so I immediately assumed that’s exactly what I was seeing. But these things were moving, and at a pretty good clip, so once a realization of that hit me I was starting to get rather curious. I interrupted my girlfriend again and said “Hey, I don’t think those are balloons!”. She leaned over, glanced at them and said “Those are hot air balloons, honey” and continued her story. At this point a realization of the possibility that these could turn out to be UFO’s started creeping in, so I continued to watch them intently. Shortly thereafter the rear object suddenly reversed direction as if it bounced of an invisible barrier. There was no slowing down, just a sudden reverse of direction. I interrupted her again “Honey, this one just went the other way, I’m pretty sure this one can’t be a hot air balloon”. She looked at me, than at the balloons, than back at me and dismissively continued with her story.

I felt funny, there was something rather extraordinary happening to my right, and something rather mundane on my left. Her persistence and continuation of the story was making this unusual event a rather “normal” part of the day, and the weirdness of what I was witnessing was wearing off fast. But I wasn’t about to stop watching these two things now, so I peeled my eyes wide open and continued staring in the same direction. After few seconds the rear object reversed its direction as suddenly and unexpectedly as the first time and started picking up speed. Within 10 or so seconds it caught up with the first object and matched its speed. I said to my girlfriend “Honey I think these are UFOs”. She looked at them one more time and said “Honey, they’re barely off the ground. They’re hot air balloons”. She had a point, it was a weekend afternoon, broad daylight, and these things appeared to be barely 200ft up in the air right above residential area of Langley. Besides she had a story to tell. She continued gabbing while I watched these two objects slowly descend behind the ridge. At this point I realized that if they were indeed UFO’s they would have had to be seen by few hundred people to say the least, so I was going to know in a day’s time one way or another. I suspiciously twisted my neck a few more times as we continued on, hoping I would catch one more glimpse of them, maybe rising up from behind the ridge. But I never saw them again. And this is where the weird part began.

I mentioned earlier that the entire event felt quite mundane, probably due to a very “normal” set of circumstances. Besides being a bright afternoon, we were very close to Langley airfield, and surely someone somewhere would have noticed something on radar if there was something out of place. I guess I must have expected UFOs to appear in desert areas where witnesses would be a few to none, and this was the least likely setting for this kind of event; we were practically home! The following few days revealed nothing in the paper, radio or TV, so I started forgetting about the incident. It must have been between a week and 10 days after the event that I was listening to a radio interview. The guest was a UFO expert whose name I can’t remember anymore. He was talking about a sudden increase in the number of UFO sightings across the world. He mentioned he had a reason to believe the increase was concentrated in several hotspots around the globe. He started naming them and said “…and British Columbia as of recently…”. The host seemed curious and had questioned him further about it. He said “yes, there were a number of sightings several days ago, of a large round object of silvery or gray color in broad daylight right around your area. And the strange thing is that the same object was reported being seen in several places on Vancouver Island, including Victoria at roughly the same time”. My jaw dropped. I stopped doing whatever I was doing at the time hoping I would hear the mention of Vancouver or Langley, but there was none. At the end of the interview the guest left a number of website addresses and I went to one to check it out. On it I found the number for reporting a sighting, so I called. I was hoping someone on the other line would tell me that “sure, hundreds of other people saw the same thing at the same place” but all I ever got was an answering machine. I left a brief anonymous report and that was the end of this affair. This was the National UFO Reporting Centre in Seattle.

So the strange thing in this whole event, at least to me, is not so much that I saw two unidentified flying objects in the sky. The strange thing is that I was the only one that saw them (excluding my disbelieving girlfriend) in spite of being a lot farther from them than anyone underneath them. The strange thing is that the objects got so low behind a rather low hill that it appeared they would had to have touched down or nearly touched down in a very busy area of Langley in broad daylight. I do have to ask myself if it is indeed possible that what I witnessed was a set of hot air balloons, while my mind went on to play the wildest game on me ever. I do have to ask myself if it really was just a coincidence that a similar object was seen elsewhere by a great number of people. And I have to admit to myself that all of the above must be possible. There are over 6 billion people on this planet, and I believe that by statistic alone some of us would had to have experienced a rather fantastic mind trick. Who knows? It sure felt real to me, and it lasted several minutes.

Whatever I saw didn’t look like an airplane, hot air balloon, or any other aircraft I’m familiar with. I have been teaching flying professionally for a number of years and had my share of time around aircraft of all kinds and sizes. Yes, I am an admitted UFO believer, and yes, I do believe extraterrestrial visitations take place. If that muddies this report, than so be it. I’m not doing this for publicity and I’m submitting this anonymously. As a matter of fact after I first reported this to NUFORC I considered this matter closed. I am only revisiting this event because I have been asked to by someone interested in seeing this reported in Canada too.

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