July 29 Sighting in Telkwa/Houston

UFO*BC wishes to thank Nicole Fitzgerald and The Interior News (www.interior-news.com), as well as UFO Investigator Brian Vike (http://www.geocities.com/hbccufo/home.html) for the following articles.

UFO Sighting in Telkwa and Houston - by Nicole Fitzgerald, The Interior News

The ball started rolling when Telkwa resident Gordon Stewart phoned reporter Nicole Fitzgerald to tell her about an unidentifiable white light that streaked by his window. Nicole alerted UFO Investigator Brian Vike of Houston, BC and published the above article in the August 7th edition of The Interior News.

Brian Vike's Report #1 - Interview of Gordon Stewart and his wife.

Brian responds promptly and arranges an interview with Gordon on August 1, 2002. Surprisingly, he discovers that Gordon's wife saw an identical object two months earlier!

Brian Vike's Report #2 - Three Houston Residents See Object!

Brian interviews 3 Canfor Sawmill workers who saw a very unusual "meteor". Brian also reports on sightings of military vehicles in the area, unusual air traffic and a sighting of something that may be a "military drone".

UFOs: To Be Or Not To Be - by Nicole Fitzgerald, The Interior News

A second newspaper article published on August 14, 2002, follows up on the UFO activity, including sightings by Quick, BC teacher Dina Hanson and her son, civil engineer Ryan Hanson.

Brian Vike's Report #3 - Two more Witnesses from Quick, BC

Brian Interviews a retired teacher and her civil engineer son, both very credible witnesses to an amazing sight!