New Westminster Sighting and Video

Monday, August 11, 2003. 6:20 PM

by Gavin McLeod


Map of area showing an estimated flight path of object. The direction of travel was from West South West to East North East. The actual track may have been further North or further south.

On August 12th 2003 at approximately 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time I received an Email from Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. Peter told me of a sighting report he had received as the witness lived in the same city as I do.

I contacted the principal witness and arranged for a visit to his house that evening. The gentleman had informed me that he had a video of the unidentified flying object and he seemed very excited about it

I must admit that I did not expect much as the normal videos we get can be divided into two categories. The first category is astronomical objects interpreted as unidentified flying objects and the second category is video of totally unidentifiable blobs distorted by overuse of digital zooming and autofocus systems that canít focus on the object. I expected this video to be of the second category.

I met the gentleman and his family and asked them to separately describe the details of the sighting.

The gentlemanís wife was the first witness; she was seated at the kitchen table near the west facing window. She told me that the time was approximately 6:20 PM and the date was Monday August 11th. The weather was clear and warm with small scattered cumulus clouds covering less than 10 percent of the sky. The witnessís attention was diverted outside the window by movement and observed what appeared to be a balloon. The witness went outside and noticed that the object was rotating clockwise on a horizontal axis facing the witness. The witness told me that the object appeared to have an angular diameter slightly larger than that of the full moon (1/2 degree). The object seemed to be shiny on the side facing the witness with a dark centre. The object then proceeded to tilt away from the witness revealing the fact that it was disc shaped. The object continued to tip until the opposite side of the disc was revealed. The witness said that this side had a reddish orange hazy glow.

The witness yelled at her husband who came out to look and then ran inside to get his new video camera. The husband ran out and attempted to video the object.

This witness had a problem in tracking the object with the camera which was evident in the video as the object went in and out of focus and went in and out of the video frame. The camera was a newly purchased JVC GR-D90U. 

Although it is impossible to positively identify the object I am satisfied that it is NOT an artifact of the camera, hoax, weather or any other kind of balloon, aircraft, bird or insect.

For more information on this case and to view the video clip, please visit the HBCC UFO website at: