My (UFO) experience on May 18, 2000

by Sam Nazaruk, Sorrento, BC

sorrento.jpg (68881 bytes)I was walking my dog Ruff (a 9 year old toy poodle cross) sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 PM. We normally walk to the mail boxes down Notch Hill Road. But on this day we had already picked up the mail in the afternoon, so we walked up Mackenzie Road like we do on the weekends.

As we entered Mackenzie Road off Notch Hill Road I noticed an orange / red glow just at the bend in the road about 300 feet from my location (this section of the road has quite a rise). I flashed my flashlight on the object and it started to rise, I would guess about (1/2) one half a foot per second. It continued to rise and I watched it all the time not taking my eyes off it. The object was spherical about 1.5 feet to 2 feet across and about 1 foot to 1.5 feet high. The orange / red glow was a band around the middle about 4 to 6 inches high and extending to the outside edges of the sphere. The band at the extremities of the sphere was vertical so the sphere appeared to have two black or dark half moons on the top and bottom. There were 2 connecting sections between the top and bottom that I could see obscuring the orange / red glow. See the drawing for the shape of the connecting sections. The glowing section on the edges was vertical, there appeared to be no vertical connections on the outside edges. The object did not turn, only went up at the rate noted previously. The rise was not vertical but up at an angle, kind of towards the moon which was behind me and a bit to my right hand side. When it was almost past me and about 400 to 500 feet above me, I shone my flashlight on it to see if I could get a better look. As soon as the light hit it, it disappeared.

The walk was very short, as I wanted to get home to tell my wife about the incident. After telling my wife about the strange experience, it was time to take our other dog AJ out for a moment (he is a standard poodle just over one year old). We don't walk him on the road. Anyway when he came out he ran to the driveway entrance and went haywire, barking like mad and running back and forth. I shone the light all over the place, but could not see anything. I finally calmed him down and we went in. The next morning, he ran straight out to the drive entrance and looked again. He has never barked like that before or since.

Two days later I had a flashback. I could remember other details that I just seemed to have forgotten because I was so intent on looking at the rising sphere (UFO). When I had first shone my flashlight on the glowing object, I remembered seeing a pair of green eyes flash for a moment, they were fairly far apart and below the sphere. I also remembered seeing an extraterrestrial crawling away from the glowing sphere. It appeared to be on what I would call its knees and elbows, as I could see the dark shadows of what would have been hands and feet. It appeared to be having difficulty in moving, and was almost dragging the part that I would have called its feet. The head was up above the arms but I did not have my light on it at the time, so I did not get a view of the features. The other item that I remembered, was as I shone my flashlight on the sphere when it was up above me, the glowing orange / red light went out and I momentarily saw a silver grey object before it disappeared.

I did go back to look at the site the next day and the day after. There were no signs on the road, but the grass on the side of the road was bent down as though something had gone through there. I looked but saw nothing.

Sam Nazaruk