Triangle UFO Seen Near Kelowna

September 5, 2006 (3:50 to 4:00 am)

I was driving to work as I normally did at that time. I was driving from my home in black mountain down towards Rutland, shortly after I passed the corner by the small pond I saw over the Belgo area a very large object. It was greyish black in color and shaped like a triangle and it had 1 steady pale white light on each point of the triangle and on one side of the triangle was a steady red light. I stared at the object as I drove slowing down at some points the object seemed to be moving to where at any time it stayed either directly to my front left or front right and the size stayed the same as well, as I hit the straight stretch of road the object was to the front right of me and I saw a police car pulled off to the side of the road, I continued on still watching the object it was now over towards the north west Rutland area. As I pulled into work the police car was behind me and I took my eyes off the object to speak with the officer who wanted to let me know I was going fast and I apologized to him that I wasn't paying attention because I was watching the thing in the sky and I looked up and the object was gone. The officer said he saw it as well and was trying to figure out what it was too. His conclusion was it was a blimp, but I know for certain that is not what it was. I had seen the one and only blimp we have here flying at night and during the day on many occasions, I also went home and did some research to see if I could find something similar to what I had blimp photograph I found was even somewhat similar - the closest thing to what I saw was a stealth bomber...but why would one of those be hovering around where I live? I've never seen this object again and I've never heard of anyone having a similar sighting at that time. There was no noise from the object and as it moved I couldn't even tell it was moving other than it stayed on either one side of me or the other depending on the direction my car was on the road and I could see its shape and color very very clearly.


Thank you for your detailed report. Would you be able to provide us with a drawing of the object? What was your total time for the observation?

Kind Regards

Martin Jasek


I watched it for about 7 minutes over a distance of about 6 km. I've attached a picture I made of it - took a photo of the stretch of road and made it darker as it was at that time of morning and I put what i saw in it so you could see the approximate size of the object - tell me if it is good enough picture.



Wow, that's a great picture and artwork! It really shows that you saw something unusual. BTW, Stealth Bombers can't hover so it wasn't one of those. Thank you for the picture and for answering the questions. I really like how you darkened the image to get it to look like night time. Usually we just get a pencil line drawing of a craft outline which is always great to have but this is is really superb.



Thanks, I don't have a scanner so had to Photoshop it. Showing my friends that picture kinda put it more into perspective for them, being they can now see a physical image of what I've been describing to them since I saw it. There were times before where we've all questioned what we've seen in the sky around here but this one that I saw there was no question I saw something not normal - if I see anything again I now have a camera phone and I will contact u a lot sooner.