Flying Idaho Potatoes?

Three sightings of two young boys
Apr, May, Jul - 2001

April-2001, Vancouver BC : (7:00 am)

Two brothers, aged 7 and 9, were getting dressed ready for breakfast when they saw through their bedroom skylight two "brown Idaho potatoes" flit past their view about 3 metres above the window travelling East to West. For ten minutes afterwards Wolfgang complained to his mother he could hear "mumbling conversation" in his head!? There was no noise accompanying the sighting of the "potatoes".

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7-May-2001, Vancouver BC : (7:00 am)

Two brothers, 7 and 9, saw a large "jelly fish" type object that was bluish-gray in colour. The object appeared to be about 25 feet across and between 25 to 30 feet from the house. They watched it for about 15 seconds. The texture of the "craft" was wobbly like jelly or hair gel.

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4-Jul-2001, Vancouver BC : (8:30 am)

A seven-year-old boy saw a single object that was the shape and colour of an "Idaho potato", travelling from west to east about 2 metres above the rooftop of his house.