Green Sphere Over Vancouver's Westend

by  Matt C.
Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 8:30 pm
Downtown Vancouver (Westend)

NOTE: The sighting report was sent to UFOBC and Brian Vike of HBCC UFO

At 8:30 pm my girlfriend and I were sitting in our living room on the fifth floor of 1234 Happy Street (our suite faces south over False Creek). I happened to be looking out our balcony window, when there was a large round (from my perspective; had the sense it was spherical) green light. The object was enormous and low; probably level with the tenth floor of our building. It's difficult to gauge it's size but it appeared to be over False Creek and from my vantage point it looked to be a few hundred feet in diameter. The centre of the object was brilliantly green and the light defused further from the centre. The bizarre thing was that it didn't diffuse entirely as it radiated, but had a very defined edge. The object appeared, remained for about two seconds, then vanished.

My girlfriend was not looking out the window, but the green light lit our apartment and she also saw something green in the sky in her peripheral vision.

There must be hundreds of witnesses to this event in the Westend and Kitsilano.

Extremely bizarre! I welcome your call to discuss this further, if you'd like.

Best regards.

Matt C.

Follow-up Questions and Answers:


I spoke with Brian at about 3:00 pm this afternoon and told him I would snap a shot from our balcony and overlay a graphic of what we saw to the best of my abilities. This photo is attached. Bare in mind this event was at night but for the purpose of clarity I used a daytime photo.


I'll now try to answer each of your questions:

1. How would you describe the angular size of the lights perimeter? (eg: size of loonie at arm's length or size of dinner plate at arm's length)
The size of a side plate a arm's length; the size is show in the attached image.

2. Is it possible that the light was from a flare fired from Vanier Park or perhaps from a boat in False Creek?
Absolutely not. The flare would have been seen rising then falling leaving smoke trails.

3. Can you describe the shade of green? (traffic light, more yellow or more blue?)
Traffic light (green) - we described it to each other as LED green.

4. Did you hear any sound?

5. Was there anything else abnormal you noted?

6. Have you asked any of your neighbours if they saw it?
No, but I will post something in the elevator and laundry room.

7. Do you have a phone number?
604-555-1234 (number changed for privacy).


Matt C.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks so much for the quick response and your attached graphic image. It is actually a very good image because you used a daylight reference which provides the best reference. I can now tell exactly where you were looking.

It certainly sounds very strange. I would be most interested if anyone else saw this. What is a good time to call you? I don't want to be an inconvenience.

Gord Heath