Glowing Orbs over Georgia Strait

Aug 17, 2001

Dear UFO British Columbia on August 17th at 11:47 and 11:58 p.m. I started witnessing strange gliding and hovering orange orb-like lights over the Georgia Strait/Howe Sound directly in view of my house in Gibsons which faces due south towards Vancouver Island. I e-mailed these sighting reports in to you as I was witnessing this strange event.

This strange phenomenon has continued on and off for the last couple of weeks and here's an update (inclusive of what I have already sent to you) of what I witnessed a couple of nights ago.

For approximately 3 weeks (off and on as they don't appear every night) I have been outside in my front yard watching strange orange lights in the sky. I must admit, it's kind of freaky. My house is located in Gibsons, B.C., Canada and faces due south towards Vancouver Island.

The sky on most occasions was fairly clear with maybe a few patchy clouds. This area, especially over the Georgia Strait does see it's fair share of planes of all shapes and sizes. There is a military base located in Comox on Vancouver Island. I've lived here for over two years and I'm VERY familiar with the commercial air traffic. I initially began noticing a bright light and at first thought it was a plane headed E-W up the Georgia Strait/Howe Sound area towards Gibsons. Hard to say at what altitude, it didn't seem that high, maybe 10,000-15,000 ft. It glided REALLY slowly heading up the coast then stopped altogether in the sky, it's orangey/red light PULSING and reflecting off the water. Like a ball of fire. Then it stopped and hovered directly out over the water in front of my house.

If I drew a line from my house in Gibsons it would run straight south towards Vancouver Island I would run right into it hovering in the middle above the water. I watched it for a few minutes as it hovered. Then it moved slowly back West to East in a straight line following the direction it had just came from. Then it stopped again and hovered for a few minutes. Then it came back again and moved slowly towards the other direction East to West and stopped and hovered some more. And so on it went. Then appeared out of nowhere another similar light hovering over the Howe Sound area moving slowly up the coast towards Gibsons but this time closer to the shoreline. This one looked like a small bright orange ball of fire. Then before I knew it there were four smaller but bright orange lights above the Georgia Strait, well separated by each other, but following the same path, East to West. One light appeared to be in the lead as the others followed in their East to West direction up the middle of the Strait, parallel to Gibsons and Vancouver Island. They occasionally stopped in the sky, hovered a bit, and/or slowly moved in the opposite direction from which they came, almost in a straight line. Nothing seemed to be going up, coming down, dancing around at great speeds or anything fancy. The most notable thing I witnessed was that there was NO sound whatsoever coming from these strange lights. One light came so close to the coastline it looked like a big bright orange ball of fire that scared the hell out of me I thought it was going to land in my backyard. Looking at it from behind our sliding glass door inside the house I saw it stop and hover over the water in the middle of the Strait, again, directly in front of my house. Then it slowly moves away, almost again in a straight line, back in the direction in came from, East. As they moved they sometimes changed color from orange back to white and occasionally back to orange again.

It's all tooooo weird but very exciting I must say. I contacted the nearest military base located in Comox, Vancouver Island twice and reported this to their duty officer. In the second phone call I was describing what I was seeing as it was happening, they confirmed that there were no planes flying in our area and there was NO Canadian military exercise taking place above the skies in this area. Unlike the eyewitness accounts in New Jersey what I witnessed over the Howe Sound/Georgia Strait region of B.C. these lights changed from white lights (like moving stars) to small orange lights. They were also not moving in any specific type of v-shaped formation. They seemed to just appear out of nowhere in the sky, very slowly glide along, stop and hover awhile glowing brighter and brighter into a huge bright orange light. Sometimes they travel very low at what seems to appear to be approx. 1,000-2,000 ft. above the water. A couple of times I swear one of them looked like it landed in the middle of the Strait. Don't know where the heck it went after that. Last night there were two, one even hovered in the same spot for up to a half an hour before disappearing as mysteriously as the appeared. During last nights' show I contacted our local RCMP and asked them to send an officer out to identify what I was witnessing at the same time I was talking to their dispatch. She instead chose to contact a local weather service that simply told her I was witnessing nothing more than a meteor shower. Since when did meteors start performing in this strange way? What do you think?


Suzanne Smart

Gibsons, B.C., Canada