Flying Disk on Approach to YVR

June 23, 2002 (3:05 to 3:10 pm) - Anonymous

I was visiting a friend Sunday, June 23, 2002 on a rooftop balcony at a condo complex near 72 & Scott in Surrey.

I am a university-educated person with about 500 hours of my own flying time. I enjoy observing the unusual weather we're having these days. I also like watching aircraft, as I am an aviation buff.

The weather on Sunday June 23, 2002 at approximately 3 PM was worthy of observation. There were fast scattered middle clouds moving from West to East at our location - the clouds themselves were shaped like wispy Cirrus but were at a much lower altitude, at approximately 8000 feet.

As I sat talking to my friend I also looked up occasionally to observe the changing weather. I was surprised by a UFO sighting at approximately 3:05 - a disc (which I approximate to be 20-50 feet in diameter based on the scale of a passing aircraft as I shall describe below) which appeared to be solid, and shiny hovering at approximately my 1: 00 middle.

As per my diagram, the object entered a hazy stratus-type cloud by accelerating into it, and climbing in a loop shape to the top inside center of the cloud, at which point the object hovered again for about a second. At this moment I uttered an expletive. The object then descended rapidly out of the cloud, and upon exiting the cloud, continued a 'cruise descent' to the West while accelerating at an unbelievable rate.

I was able to determine that the object was not a conventional aircraft because of a) the shape. b) the 'performance envelope' it exhibited - silent hover, silent acceleration and climb, very rapid maneuvering, and unbelievable acceleration. It was all silent.

The total time of the sighting was between 7 - 10 seconds.

Within a few minutes of my sighting, a 747 flying its downwind left leg to YVR flew past in the same airspace; I was therefore able to estimate the size of the object with a familiar aircraft.

The weather changed significantly within the next forty minutes. A solid layer of cloud formed, and the surface wind changed significantly from light and gusty to heavy gusts. My host almost lost the rooftop umbrella to a gust of wind.