Delta Man Photographs UFOs on three Separate Occasions

June 2004, August 2008 and October 2008

Event# 1: Richmond, Steveston, June 14, 2004 2:23 pm.

Camera: 4Mp Fugi digital 3x optical zoom (2Mp actual)
Facing west. Zoom in on cannery building flag, just to the left there is a large crane boom. just below the top and slightly to the left is the dark sphere. It is over the water at perhaps 5 thousand feet.

I watched and took 19 pictures of this one for 20 minutes (date and time stamped) in the same general area slowly moving about. Some photographs also have aircraft shown in them.

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Event# 2: Delta, August 23,2008 4:30 pm.

Camera: 8 Mp Samsung 5x optical zoom

Facing west. The witness was taking pictures of a spider web when past the spider in the distance he noticed some objects. "I saw 4 dark objects at very high altitude (guessing about 20-40 thousand feet) moving slowly from north to south and ascending until out of sight." Objects were not exactly round.

I took 51 pictures over 18 minutes and a short video @30 fps.

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Event# 3: Surrey, October 10,2008 4:30 pm

Camera: 8 Mp Samsung 5x optical zoom
Facing north. Witness was on his way to KFC. Traveling north on Scott Road at 68th Avenue. "I first thought this was a very fast traffic helicopter. This one descended fast from north to south then leveled and slowed before continuing east and out of sight. Very quick event. Perhaps 1 minute long." The man made a right turn on 68th Avenue, parked the car on the south side of the avenue and took 17 photos out of the driver side window of the object to the North as it travelled east and higher into the sky. The man also took one video clip but the object was too small to be discernable in the lower resolution video images.

Frame #81 with full resolution of this 1x zoom image shown in the inset.

Cropped portion of Frame#91, One of the clearest photographs of the series. Zoom level was 4.8x.

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