Crescent Beach Sphere

Sunday November 17, 2002


Observed from the porch of his residence (indicated as witness "X" on map) - first observed as a dot coming across the sky from South over the water to North/Northwest (towards Tsawassen Ferry terminal). Opaque gray "primer"-coloured sphere under 1000 feet in altitude, approximately 25 feet in width, emitting no sound, no heat and no colour. The whole event was fast - 3 to 4 seconds. When the witness first saw it he thought it was a missile, and was expecting a sonic boom.

The object approached his location on a roughly parallel heading to the shoreline, but slightly towards the ocean (NNW). The object stopped, zig-zagged towards the shore, and resumed its original flight path, accelerating out of sight towards the North (see diagram).

When the witness first sighted the object (when it was just a dot), he thought it was a missile, but he now believes that it was some sort of probe doing a recon of the shore.