UWO - Unidentified Water Object?


Time: approximately 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Date: April 17th, 1999
Location: Akiskanook condominiums, Invermere, BC - Windermere Lake Lookout
Weather: Sunny and clear, little to no wind, water calm - you could see the reflections of the mountains in the water

"Three of us were looking out into the water, it was a quiet peaceful afternoon, when we all noticed a bright white light emerging from the water. The object was breaking the water surface from the lake, yet wasn't leaving any ripples in the water! - like a piece of wood would or a log could."

"It showed itself as a sequence of digitized light. -[The kind that looks like the Knight Rider "kit" car has on the front of the car.]  Instead this computerized light was a bright white colouring. It appeared and disappeared, breaking the water surface, three times after finally disappearing into the lake. This lasted for approximately 5 minutes. We had binoculars so we were able to see the light up close and to our amazement it confirmed what we saw."