"Flying Object" Suddenly There

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Note: Mr. Stiegler has taken a photograph of the Trail
Islands and drawn in the UFO that he sighted.

I already reported in the Grüssbrücke in a previous article about the place where we have chosen to live: The Sunshine Coast.  Our town Sechelt is situated on the strait which separates the Pacific Ocean and the mainland and which is a mile wide.  Three kilometres west is our property with a view of the ocean to the south and of three small inhabited islands in the foreground.

On October 22, 1999 friends let us know about the beautiful Northern Lights.  It was a full moon, the weather was wonderful and absolutely still, no wind, the ocean was like glass.  As we stepped into the open field, we caught sight of a luminous object hovering over the eastern-most of the three Trail Islands.  It was 12:55 a.m. and the Unidentified Flying Object (abbreviated to UFO) stood at a height of twenty metres above the wooded island.  It was oval, a huge thing, approximately 25 metres in diameter and a pale yellow light flooded out of approximately thirty windows.

Then we saw with our own eyes, something that has often been reported, but that one only believes with doubtful skepticism.  After four to five minutes this object abruptly raced without the slightest sound with an incredible speed into the air and disappeared in an eastward direction.  A resident of the island named Willi reported that he had previously seen an object over the same spot at the same height.  This known location is treeless and there emerges here an ore-containing rock.  Willi uses a metal detector which he had already left outside of the house and he found it covered with this mineral.

It was also surprising to learn that an address was listed in the telephone book under UFO BC (604) 878-6511.  On October 23 a Mr. Graham Conway, director of the Planetarium and of UFO BC, answered at this number with the address of 11151 Kendale Way, Vancouver-Delta V4C 3P7.  Mr. Conway reported that he received an unusual number of calls and reports about UFO sightings from all over the entire province of British Columbia.  Had we not seen it with our own eyes and received confirmation from our neighbours Bjorn and Ruth Meyer, I would have passed off these reports as nonsense.  It may yet be determined whether this appearance has to do with either an extraterrestrial object or possibly a neighbor from the States.

Because we know that a rocketship flight to Mars takes several months and that no atmosphere exists in our solar system, thus making life on other planets impossible, these objects must have travelled from another solar system, which would take several light years at the speed of light - 300,000 km. per second.

If someone would like to comment on the above-mentioned sightings and experiences, it would be interesting to hear.

Recently the classic film “Sail 2000!” reached us.  It was sent to my address from the publishing house.  Unfortunately, there was no personal note or greeting in this shipment consequently we don’t know whom to thank for this nice gesture to us.  If the kind person who sent it should happen to read this article, he will understand why the thanks for this wonderful gift are sent through the “Grüssbrücke” rather than personally.

With best wishes to all friends and relatives this Christmas and for the New Year.

Detlev Stiegler
Sechelt, B.C.
Canada    V0N 3A0
R.R. #2, Wakefield C-51