Sighting in Terrace

After an article in the Terrace newspaper that mentioned UFO*BC, we received several calls from people that wished to report their sightings. One call was from Carmen Powers. She described a dramatic sighting that was seen by herself, her eight-year-old son, and a (scared) younger daughter. We asked that she write up the sighting and send it to us, along with any drawings. This is what we recently received. (Spring 99 issue of UFO*BC Quarterly)



Sorry it took me so long to send these pictures to you, but I have a busy schedule. Anyways, I looked at my calendar and it was October 15, 1997, at approximately 10:20 pm, when we saw the UFO. I don’t remember what I told you so I’ll tell you all the details I remember. We were returning home from dropping off some videos. Heading North on North Kalum Street in Terrace, my son spotted an object hovering above an empty lot about half a block away and approximately 200 to 300 feet above the ground. One thing different about it compared to most of the encounters that I’ve heard about, was that the lights were not bright, they were quite dull, and there was no sound. We watched it for 20 to 30 seconds then it started heading south towards Prince Rupert in a straight line, slowly. We only saw it for about a minute in total. On the picture in the center of the craft, I drew what I thought I saw, it was quite dim in that area so I couldn’t make it out very well, but there was something there.

I’ve been talking to my mom about this and she remembers seeing something once in Prince George when she was younger maybe you could send her a letter and get all the details.

I remember a few other sightings as well. There was one when I was about eight and I was on a ferry somewhere around Bella-Coola, it was dark out and I was staring out one of the windows and I saw a bright white shiny ball. It resembled a star but it was brighter. It was moving in a counter-clockwise triangle shape.

In 1994, between March and June, I had two UFO sightings, both between Hazelton and Terrace. The first one if you can believe I forgot what it looked like in fact I forgot the whole experience except I faintly remember us pulling off to the side of the road. I would have thought it was all a dream except there were three other people with me saying that it happened. The other time I was driving towards Hazelton when a huge white flash lit up the whole road. I thought it was lightening but my friends saw it and said it was a big white ball that shot over us and behind the mountains.

I believe that’s all of them but if I remember more I’ll write again. Thanks for listening.

Yours truly, Carmen Powers


terrace.jpg (50405 bytes)

Drawing by Carmen Powers of UFO seen over Terrace, BC on 15-Oct-97


terrace2.jpg (79544 bytes)

Drawing by Carmen's 8 1/2 year old son