The South Surrey Sighting

By Bill Oliver

On Monday, December 8, 1996 at about 10:45 pm a brightly lit object as big as a nickel at arms length was seen in the eastern sky by a couple driving down a cul-de-sac in Surrey, BC where one of the witnesses (Sarah, age 20) lives. As they turned and approached to park across from her house they kept their eyes on the object as it now moved at a steady pace heading west. It seemed to make several unorthodox movements (ups and downs) as it went across their vision.  It was at this time Sarah became somewhat agitated and her only thought was to get her key out of her bag and get into the house.  While she was looking down at the seat and her purse, her boyfriend Craig (age 22) said "Look! Another one!".  Sarah looked but the second object had vanished, although Craig said it followed the same path as the first light.  Both of them were very excited and Sarah said "I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I could feel my heart beating through my sweater".

It was now the main event was about to begin.  What Sarah called "The Grandaddy" appeared in their view, approaching again on the same path as the prior object(s).

They both said it was very large, the size of two $2.00 coins at arms length about a mile north from them and about two inches above the tree line, the trees being about 50-60 ft high.  With our estimate of the trees being a mile away we believe the object to be 30 - 50 feet in diameter. They could plainly see it was disc shape, pewter colour, with a row of white lights around the centre.  Sarah said she was absolutely amazed how well she could see the object's shape and colour in the night sky and how it's lights enabled her to make it out.  She said it looked like it was "out of a fifties movie" and she was surprised that a UFO "would really look like that".

"It was spinning and seemed to dip in the sky as it spun" and, according to Craig, at one time "looked like it turned on it's side".  Sarah told Craig to turn off the headlights of the car as the object grew very bright.  They were not sure if it was coming closer or just glowing brighter.  It was also at this point the object again started to make up and down, and back and forth, movements.  They at this time decided to follow it and went in pursuit of the UFO.  They drove to Crescent Beach where they thought they would be afforded a better view of the sky.  However they could not see anything, and after waiting 15 or 20 minutes, left for home.  One particular strange note was when asked why they decided to follow the object after being so frightened, Sarah became puzzled and said "You know, I don't even remember it leaving".

At the time of the interview (Dec10) Sarah had not eaten and a was still having a hard time sleeping.  It was important she said to talk to someone and she thanked us for listening to her.  She had called the local RCMP who brushed her off saying "lady we haven't had any calls like this for a while".  Her sister then phoned the airport and was given UFO*BC's number.

Bill Oliver - UFO*BC