UFO Causes Power Outage?



On the 20th of April, 1999, we received a call from a man living in Maple Ridge, BC. He was outside barbequing with a female companion and a 3-year-old child, when they saw a small pulsating light approaching. It appeared to be only 2-300 feet above the ground. When the light became stationary, all the lights in Maple Ridge went out! About 10 minutes later they saw a big white flash and then a meteor-like streak heading in a northwestern direction, towards Pitt Lake. At this time a "rushing wind sound" could be heard. All of the city lights then came back on.

A call was placed to BC Hydro on the 21st of April and they confirmed the power failure. They stated that Maple Ridge had a "transmission feed loss into a substation" at 21:15 on the 20th of April, for a period of 11 minutes.