The PartyPooper

by Graham Conway. 19-Sep-99


We all know that Saturday night is party night, ... right? After a hard week at work, you need to get away to a quiet place, crack a few beers, smoke some grass, play some groovy music and well, just relax. Of course you had to choose a place where no-one would drop in and spoil everything, particularly some picky neighbour who might feel motivated to call the cops. Well Stuart Henderson and his four buddies knew just the right spot. Fromme Mountain. You’ve never heard of it? ....well the truth is, I hadn't either and I’ve lived in the Vancouver area for over thirty years. For those who aren’t aware of its location I’ll point it out. Right alongside Grouse Mountain, I do mean to the right, or if you prefer, to the east.

So the guys packed the supplies, drove aways, parked the car, hiked upwards for an hour and a half and finally arrived at the cabin. Just perfect, 80 foot trees, mountain peaks and just all to themselves. Or so they thought. About the time when they were all feeling kind of mellow, Frank and Ken noticed a light in amongst the trees some distance away. The time was somewhere between midnight and 1:30 a.m., Sunday, l2th September, 1999. Then they heard a sound. Someone suggested the ghetto blaster be turned off. When it was, they heard a hum, like a high pitched generator, that seemed to be coming from above the trees. Frank got up and walked about 20-30 feet from the party to where he thought the sound was coming from. He had to cover his ears. The noise seemed to last between 5-10 seconds before it changed into a pulsating noise with increased volume. It seemed as if the whole forest was vibrating. It was like no other sound they had ever heard before in their lives.

Frank said later that he felt an energy wave that seemed to go through his head, almost as if his head had been "probed", is how he described it. Then without warning it stopped, just as suddenly as it had started. Silence returned. Everyone was very much alert and scared out of their wits, the party mood had evaporated. The small group spent the next hour discussing and analysing the very unusual experience. It was also decided that leaving might be a very good idea. They packed up and descended the familiar trail. Arriving home in the early hours Stuart said that he and a friend felt very dehydrated, resulting in a need to drink water, something that they had never done previously. Another member of the group said his ears were ringing until about 7:00 a.m. Frank suffered from headaches.

Agreement was reached on one important point. They are maybe going up there again, but not this year!


The brother of one of our directors stated that in 1968 a gentleman who had a cabin on the very same mountain also related having had a close encounter UFO experience.

Much more recently for example, we here at UFO*BC received four separate reports between Aug - Sep 1999 from a couple whose home is at Lonsdale and 23rd in North Vancouver. This residence faces onto Grouse Mountain. The married couple described seeing anomalous lights that were multi-coloured, sometimes stationary and apparently, on occasion, located over the power lines! Other nights they were located to the right or left, (east or west) of Grouse Mountain.

We have been aware for many years of reports from this region as sightings have been recorded in the Cyprus Bowl area, and also Goat Mountain. In fact so many strange lights were seen at that location in the 1970 era that one person I met told me he rented a plane just to check out that locale. Needless to say he found nothing to support his suspicions of a mountain UFO base.