The Mission Triangle



On August 2 at 11:30 pm., a woman was sitting by her backyard pool with her 14 year old daughter and her daughter's friend. "My daughter started yelling to "look at that" again and again. She stood up in the pool as did her friend. I looked up and all I could say was "Oh my God" over and over. It was a triangular shape, darker than the night sky with round or oval dull, reddish-brown lights. There was absolutely no sound at all. The lights did not blink, flash or change color. I tried to see where it was headed but it banked to the right and disappeared with the brightness of the moon. "It was so silent, it was like watching a giant kite. I told my husband and then I realized what people who see unusual lights must go through. People will think you're either nuts or making it up. To be sure I wasn't, I asked my daughter and her friend to draw what they had seen without looking at each other's drawing. "The result made me realize we had seen something unusual."

Duration:15 seconds

Source: NRC Files