By Graham Conway

On the 9th of March, 1995, around 3 PM, Kevin McCarthy, a recent arrival to B.C., was sitting in the kitchen of his home drinking coffee and savouring the impressive view of the north shore mountains that border the city of Vancouver.

Suddenly his attention was drawn to a triangular formation of three dark "bat like" objects slowly approaching from a valley in the distance. Taking somewhere between 5 - 10 minutes to approach his location. As they did, two of the objects moved away to the east, the third coming to a halt almost directly in front of where Kevin had now relocated himself on the verandah.

UFO Photo by Kevin McCarthy - Burnaby, BC - 1995Hurriedly, Kevin obtained his camera and proceeded to note further details through the telephoto lens. In the clear blue sky the black craft had three distinct "bumps" on the upper surface, and though apparently stationary, was clearly rotating. Not only was he awestruck , but also scared, though not quite sure why. At this point the UFO appeared to be the size of a dollar coin (Loony) held at arm's length. At no time during the lengthy observation did the craft reflect light from the brilliant sunshine. It was later assumed that as the object was visually at the same height as the distant snowline, then its altitude could have been around 4000 feet. No accompanying sound was heard.

Suddenly realizing additional witnesses were close by, he called out to them and was joined by Joanne, Gay and Sarah (an 8 year old). This group watched the craft through binoculars. It wasn't until the object began to move away to the west did Kevin realize that he hadn't taken any photos! This he very quickly did, being unaware that all three UFOs were within the view finder.

The total observation of this sighting was approximately 45 minutes, this was established through later questioning of broadcast program times. A local weather check determined that the local wind speed was 8 km/h. A resident dog, described by the witness as "dopey", displayed no visible agitation or awareness of the craft's close proximity. Although this was the first such event that Kevin had experienced, he did recall that his grandfather had encountered a craft that landed on a road in front of his car, many years ago. This experience took place in another province altogether.

...."Encore, Encore, Encore"....

Eighteen year old Mike Fernandez and friend Wade Peeler were returning from shopping at Metro Town in Burnaby at 3 PM, April 5th, 1995, when they spotted what appeared to be three black triangular UFOs in the sky ahead, holding a vertical formation. The objects hovered, appearing to rotate from right to left. No noise was detected during the 5-7 minutes observation period. Visually they were smaller than a dime held at arm's length.

As they continued to walk slowly back home, still facing north, the craft slowly moved upwards into the fairly low cloud cover and subsequently out of sight.

In this event, no pictures were taken. It should be noted however that in keeping with the ever present "strangeness" level that often accompanies such reports, this sighting was within one month of the Kevin McCarthy sighting, took place in the same location, and the above witness resides at the same address!!

Further investigation revealed that the immediate area contains a small lake and a nearby cemetery.

During our visit to the residence of the original witness we found a THIRD member of the household who had witnessed an anomalous light event during his childhood, less than a mile north of what has been described here. This light (object?) was seen in the evening and appeared to land behind the previously mentioned cemetery, he could not remember the month or year. His parents were also present at that time.