Strange Lights Seen from Burnaby




Info....These photos were taken from a 20 minute video shot on September 29th in Burnaby, BC, a suburb of Vancouver. The 16-year-old photographer was attracted to the lights hovering in a triangular position. He was familiar with normal air traffic, as he has a clear view of planes coming and going from Vancouver Airport. No blinking lights were visible to the witness or apparent in the video.

Originally he was filming three objects. One of the objects drifted off to the right and he followed it, zooming in to find more detail. When he went back to the remaining objects he found that there were again 3 objects. The last 4 snaps are from a zoom of 1 of the objects. It appears to be made up of 3 distinct lights. There were no sudden movements. All the lights moved position slowly. No blinking lights were discernible. Quite interesting.

Bill Oliver, UFO*BC

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