"I did not see my ceiling, it was gone!!"

White Rock, August 1995


I'm writing this only because a dear friend of mine strongly suggested I tell my story.

Now I want you to know that I usually don't believe in things like U.F.O.'s till I actually see one......... well I saw it and heard it and was very much sane and wide awake!

I was packing one of the last boxes for moving to a new location in White Rock, B.C. On my last night, I was awoken by this saucer type space ship, and I couldn't have imagined it because I've never seen the bottom of a U.F.O. nor see it on T.V.

Now I'd say the object was 4 times the size of my roof top. The strange thing was that it was like a light fixture above my head and I did not see my ceiling, it was gone!! It's as if the ship was right there in the bedroom. (Honestly, I wasn't smoking anything and never have). I heard a soft humming sound and saw a lot of panels and designs of sort under the ship, grey in color. From the ship a clear male voice asked in a humorous tone, "What is your new number?". The moment I finished the last digit of my phone number it vanished. I believe it was its way of saying, in as little time possible, "we are with you or watching you".

Now, I'm not finished.

I never said, anything to anyone since I have a straight government job. The next morning, my neighbor across the street, age 46, said she almost called the fire department because she saw our house on fire but her daughter said, "Mom, I don't see anything, your exaggerating." and my friend was persuaded to put the phone down.

So that's my unusual experience with an U.F.O.