narrated by Observer to Gavin McLeod


On the night of June 13, 1997, my daughter had planned a surprise party for her husband and had asked me to look after my very bright Grandson and their new 3 month old puppy for the night. About 7:00 P.M. I took the both of them to Queen Elizabeth Park for some air and a walk to release some of the wild child/puppy energy. It was a beautiful clear evening and the walk/run was invigorating. We arrived home about 9:30 P.M. and after some cookies, milk and much chatter, we settled into our beds about 10:55 PM. The puppy was contained in a kennel which I had placed under my second floor bedroom window.

As I lay in bed, in the dark, I could detect a slight puppy odour, even though my window was wide open. I quietly got out of bed and opened the drapes hoping the cool night air would dissipate the puppy odor. I got back into bed and lay my head on the pillow and realized I could now see the night sky (my bedroom is on the second floor of our house). I suddenly noticed a large cluster of white lights hovering above the city. As I stared at it, I presumed it had to be the landing lights of a 747 or a DC-10 airplane a little off course heading for the airport. I thought it strange that it was flying so low (perhaps 2,000 feet ) and facing my direction, southeast, AND NOT MOVING. I was tired and the thought of having a young boy and a puppy waking me up at 5:00 or 6:00 A.M. the next morning suddenly filled my mind and I closed my eyes.

I felt the cool night air brush across my face and I opened my eyes wide to the sight of the unusual lights again. My curiosity of wanting to know what the lights were got the better of me and I was no longer tired. As I stared at the lights, it now became obvious to me that what had appeared to be landing lights were far too big and now there were colors, not just the standard white, green or red. There were rainbow shades of gold, reds, neon pinks and bright blues which would at times look like very powerful spotlights or strobe lights beaming down toward the city. At other times, they would just "glow". Up to this point, I hadn’t paid too much attention to the shape of the object that the lights were coming from because the lights themselves were mesmerizing and seemed to be getting more vibrant and stronger. After watching for maybe 7 or 8 minutes, I suddenly realized "it" hadn’t moved and ‘it" wasn’t the shape of any airplane that I was aware of. I had been married to a pilot and had worked for the airlines for several years and had never witnessed anything quite this unusual. I raised myself up on to my elbow and squinted and strained to get a better view and suddenly realized it was the shape of a huge hamburger with the lights coming from the center of the "bun". I had heard of people sighting a UFO in the shape of a hamburger before, but thought it not only funny and corny, but preposterous! If this was a hoax, someone had gone to a great deal of work to build such a huge object. The hoax idea quickly vanished because the feelings I was experiencing were far too special to accept anything less than spectacular. This had to be an Unidentified Flying Object! I bolted out of bed.

I looked around my room, everything looked as it always did. I rubbed my eyes, I took a deep breath and exhaled. I felt my bare feet planted strongly on the carpet, I was not imagining this. I looked again... my God, it was more alive and bigger than ever. I was almost delirious with excitement, but frustrated that I could not share this with anyone until I remembered my Grandson.

I stifled my excitement as much as possible and quietly called him to see if he was awake. He answered immediately. I asked him if he would come and have a look at some lights. Within a moment, he was at my side looking out the window. With bated breath, I pointed to the object of lights. I did not tell him what I thought it was, only that there were some lights in the sky. He stared in disbelief and almost started to cry as he said he wanted t call his parents immediately because he was very frightened of what he saw. In my excitement I didn’t realize how frightening this could be for a child and I gently calmed him down the best I could before he started crying by telling him that it was not dangerous and that I would protect him from it. I told him we were only observers and that it was all right just to observe such a marvelous happening.

While my Grandson gazed at our incredible discovery, I got out my binoculars and focused intently. I could hardly believe my eyes! It was definitely the shape of a hamburger with a slight knob on top. It was almost too unbelievable. It was at least two times the size of a 747 aircraft. I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. This must be a UFO! I was so excited, I didn’t know what to do but to keep staring at it. My Grandson was equally excited now by what he saw and stared at it as well as trying to pull the binoculars from me. We quickly passed the binoculars back and forth straining to see as much as possible.

UFO drawing by Gavin McLeod - Vancouver, BC - 1997

At first I was mesmerized by the lights and hamburger shape of the ship. But my Grandson was more intrigued and frightened of a huge circular black mass directly underneath the ship that seemed to be constantly changing by the effect of the lights from the ship itself. The ‘circular black mass’ (resembling a black hole) wasn’t always visible, then it would appear to be effervescent/transparent as though something was exploding in the center of the mass. Then we saw what appeared to be clusters of electrical storm bolts charging down into the center of the mass via the light beams. The mass appeared to be gaining incredible power surges pulsating from the ship through the lights via the electrical charges? The sky was clear, there was no wind or clouds or any hint of a storm.

My Grandson was very worried about all this activity as I could not explain what it was. He kept saying it was going to explode and maybe blow up the whole city. Beneath my excitement I also felt pangs of fear.

Then all of a sudden this hug glowing red ship (approximately the size of a 40 story building lying on its side) came out of the mass and flew across the sky in about two seconds. We were exhilarated to say the least!

After the red ship left, the lights from the first ship started to fade along with the large mass of electricity underneath. I ran to the phone and phoned the UFO Sightings number, in the hopes that someone else could see it, but no one answered, it was a recording. However when we came back it was gone. I would say it was there for about 25 minutes. This experience was so powerful, I felt as though it gave me a new lease on life. I cannot explain the experience, the experience was so wonderfully nourishing. This was the most spectacular sighting that I have ever seen and yes, I have a witness.