The Guildford Video

By Bill Oliver


On June 10 1995 a member of UFO*BC was fortunate enough to catch a mysterious object on videotape on four separate occasions. Here is a report from Bill Oliver.

I had just gotten out of the shower and decided to dry my hair in the warmth of the afternoon sun. On looking up I noticed a white object moving from the east at a slow speed. I called to my wife to get the video camera which we had luckily borrowed to tape my daughter's birthday the night before. I asked her if she could see it and she agreed she could see something. I started taping it, however I found it at times rather difficult to keep in the viewer. The object appeared at times to pulsate and somehow change shape from round to an acorn or triangular shape. It continued in a westerly direction until it appeared to be over our neighbourhood. where it slowed down and hovered directly above us, I was filming with my head right back. It then began to pick up speed and when it approached a group of trees I was able to get what I consider to be the most dramatic of the video. It was at this time a brilliant white as it changed shape and then darted off in a south easterly direction. The object did appear again for the benefit of my neighbours on three other times and we caught it on video, still camera and through binoculars. While viewing it myself through binoculars one afternoon I was amazed to see it appeared more metallic as well as it had a distinct triangular shape. The object also had three very bright amber lights on the three tips. Oddly enough they were not visible to the naked eye and the object appeared a bright white at the time. On this particular sighting there was a group of twelve neighbours witnessing the event in perfect daytime conditions. The video attracted the attention of the television show Sightings and they spent several hours talking to my family and neighbours as well as interviewing a colleague of mine, researcher Graham Conway. Further analysis of the tape has yet to prove what it was we saw,only what it wasn't .This is yet another sighting from the Surrey Corridor where so much UFO activity is reported.

It is interesting to note that on that day The National UFO Reporting Centre  in Seattle logged several reports that day of white objects in the western states .