Cowichan Community Sighting


Dear UFO BC,

I live in Duncan and tonight [Friday, January 9, 1998] while driving with my friends in my car I spotted a bright orange object in the sky to my left. It was about 10:52 pm. It looked like a blurred star, but much larger because it appeared closer. We were travelling SW on Sherman Road. We decided to follow it to see what it was. We followed it for approximately 15 minutes at a distance of about 3 kilometers, which enabled me to get ahead of it; it was then behind me but remained on my left. The object looked the same in size and shape until we got ahead of it. It then looked rectangular in shape with 3 bright orange steady lights(no flashing or blinking) inside the rectangle and very close together. The object was now much closer and larger. We had our windows rolled down and one of my friends even hung out the window to see if we could hear any sounds. We also stopped several times during this 15 minute interval. There were no sounds at all that we could hear. It did not follow a straight path, but looked like it was moving up and down while it travelled forward.

At the end of this 15 minutes I got out of my car and ran to a pay phone to call my mom. While I was on the phone to explain what we were seeing the object was above us and slightly to the SE. It moved across the sky and near the moon and this is where we could see that it wasn't very far away, because the moon helped to light it. It looked like it was only a few kilometers away now. This all happened within a few seconds and then the object started to disintegrate. Colored pieces (like welding sparks) started falling off the object and fell to the ground, pieces at a time - some large and some small. The first piece was fairly large with a faint upper portion and the bottom had a tint of orange. After that there was a number of various shapes and sizes, about 8 pieces in all. It took about 1 minute to totally disappear and there was no sound while it fell apart. During this time the object travelled in a gentle wavy motion while travelling forward - appeared floating, and just before it started to disintegrate it started losing altitude. It may be possible that there are pieces of this object on the ground in this area.

There was no way that it was an aircraft and it was not a flare or fireworks.

Any ideas or reports that may help us in finding out what this was?

Stacey, Trina and Colin