The Chilliwack Photo


jelly3.gif (40780 bytes)In July 1997, members of UFO*BC visited a man in Chilliwack, BC that told us he had a photo of a heart-shaped object he had witnessed in the spring of this year. Although not certain of the date, he believed it to be sometime in March, about 7:00 pm. Jack told us that he saw what he first believed to be a star, but that it appeared to be coming towards him "like something coming down a slide". At this point he called his son and girlfriend to come on out and have a look. Talking to all three witnesses, we were told it was like nothing they had ever seen in all the years they had lived in the Fraser Valley. We should note here that Chilliwack had for years been the home of a military base and nearby Abbotsford is home to its own airport and an annual Air Show and our witnesses told us they were familiar with aircraft in the area. In the photo a definite boomerang or heart shape can be seen and it can be seen even more defined in the negative image seen in the second photo.invert2.gif (43100 bytes)