Report From Kamloops

Abbotsford Airshow Weekend

Perseids meteor shower is in full swing. It's one of those stiflingly hot still evenings a local doesn't appreciate much. It's about 10:00 in the evening and we are supposed to be heading to the airshow at about 06:00. The kids couldn't sleep and neither could the wife and myself. We all went out on the sundeck to see the light show. My wife and son  had just left the sundeck to refill our juice cups. My daughter saw  the three lights heading straight for us from the north. She exclaimed words to the effect, to look, one meteor had appeared to have broken into three pieces. The three pieces indeed were coming straight over our house at a very high rate of speed. We had not taken our eyes off of it, and had even started to shift in preparation of following it until it burnt itself out. To our utter amazement, the three lights made an instantaneous turn to the east, right  over our heads. The lights held in a pretty good formation throughout the turn. Though  I was ever so slightly out of his track the inside light held perfectly with the point  light  (the formation appeared to be travelling in a triangular type of arrangement) the lights  were out of sight in a heartbeat. Just last year we reminisced about the matter. My wife still has a very vivid recollection of the whole matter.