The Gold River Case

Incident Report, Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), original source, National Research Council , Ottawa. Non Meteoric Sighting File N88/9FEB. Head Bay, BC  2000 HRS.

Two witnesses were near the Gold River and observed 5 lights in the sky apparently stationary.  One descended towards them as they watched, until it was close enough that it took on the shape of a domed disc with a bubble on it's upper surface. The object was thought to be about 8 feet in diameter and about 5 feet in height. Its dome had a red, flashing light while there were red and blue steady lights on its lower surface. It seemed to land on a ridge not far away (behind).

On the 10th of February RCMP officers found broken tree branches in an area 43.8 miles west of Gold River, near where it was estimated the object "landed".  The trees appeared to be broken off over 15 feet above the ground.  Nothing else was observed by the officers.

Investigated by Brian Fewster and Henry McKay - 20/12/88