Graham Conway (British Columbia), FSR Consultant

A small boy aged 6 1/2, whom I shall identify as J. L. who resides here in Vancouver and whose family are known to me, recently had a strange experience of this same kind.

At about 4:00 AM one night, between October and December of 1986, J. L. got out of bed to go to the toilet. The boy has never had any fear of the dark. Consequently he made no attempt to turn on any lights. The journey was a short one, and, on his return to his bedroom, he had to pass the living room. To his surprise, he saw a light, the size and shape of an orange, "floating" at about the level of the sofa in the living room.

He described it as "like a shining star", with a steady glow that illuminated the chesterfield (sofa). A beam of light appeared to be projected upwards from the "star", while, on the right hand side of it, there was a protrusion that might be likened to the handle of a cup.

For some reason, J. L. felt himself "drawn to the light". But, becoming scared, he resisted its magnetic attraction, and hurried to his parents' room and joined them in bed.

On being questioned about the affair by his father the following day, the little boy said he thought he only watched the light for a very short period of time. He was unable to recall any sort of sound or smell associated with it. He subsequently displayed no sign of any form of illness, physical or mental, that could have resulted from his encounter with the phenomenon.

It was established that the vertical blinds in the living room were in the closed position, so that no outside light could have been projected into the room.

The case is however interesting for other reasons. The boy had already told his father that he had seen a flying saucer outside of his grandparents' house in North Vancouver shortly before (in September 1986).

The child possesses the ability to read his parents' minds, and says that in his dreams he "flies in Space". There is also evidence that his father, along with five other people, experienced a considerable time-loss while watching a UFO near the Tungurahua Volcano, in the region of the town of Cotalo, in Ecuador, in March of 1976. (The father is Chilean, married to a Canadian woman and domiciled in Canada).