UFO Seen Over Burnaby Mall

On 2-Dec-02, "J" was browsing our website and e-mailed us to say that she and her mother had a sighting in 1986 that was similar, and about the same time, as an article called "Make a Wish".

"The attached photo is a picture of Brentwood mall - I dropped in a picture of a ufo to show you how low the object was and how large it appeared."

In the summer of 1986 my mother and I were returning home from a shopping trip at a local mall in Burnaby, BC. It was about 7:00 in the evening. As we were coming down from the upper parking lot we looked up and noticed a very large stainless steel coloured, spherical object with lighted windows all the way around the bottom. It was hovering in one spot, very low (less than 200 feet up in the air) and it was huge. There was no sound or movement. We watched it for about a minute then the signal light changed and we drove directly underneath the object watching it the whole time. We got scared so we continued driving away from the scene but to this day I wish that I would have stayed and watched a bit longer.

Later that week my mother told her friend who works at that very same mall what we saw. Her friend went on to say that she saw something similar fly past her 25th floor balcony at her apartment in Burnaby. She said it was in the evening and she was sitting out on her patio when the object flew by then disappeared.

J and R