Object Over West Coast

Canadian UFO Report - Summer 1977
Vol. 4 No. 4, Whole No 28


There was a magnificent sunset (I think it was May 20) and I was outside on my sundeck, which overlooks the waters of Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic mountains, giving me an unobstructed view in all directions.

My attention was focused on the unusual spiraling shaped clouds. They looked as though a jet had lost control and gone into a spin.

Then, directly below, I saw a silvery object just hanging there, stationary. I watched it for some time thinking it must be a weather balloon, and then suddenly it began to pulse, giving off rays of light, as does a star when seen through a telescope.

I dashed into the house and got my camera and when I went outside again the object had moved lower down and to the left, and was flashing very brightly. I snapped the picture, (the last in the film). It was then I saw two small bright objects moving towards the large one, from the direction of the Olympics. The three converged, and then moved west, skimming the mountain tops at a great speed and disappeared into the thick clouds, low down in the center of the picture.

To give you a sense of direction, the point of land in the lower right hand side of the picture is Clover Point. My house is situated approximately one half mile east, by water, of Clover Point.

I have had several good sightings from here, one of which the Observatory checked out and reported back, "It is nothing of this world, there are no blinking lights and we have nothing that goes that fast."

Mrs. D. B. Turner,
Victoria, B.C.

[Canadian UFO Report] Having examined the negative, our photo analyst, George Potts, said the bright spot was not due to a flaw. He said the camera obviously photographed what was there.