Giscome, BC Sighting

On the 29th of September, 1999, UFO*BC received the following e-mail from Richard Wilford:

The following sighting occurred during the winter of 1977. I have rarely mentioned it due to most people’s scepticism of such events.

My wife, our two daughters and I were living in Giscome, a small settlement about 30 miles east of Prince George, B.C. The closest dwelling was about 1/2 mile away as this was a rural community. We were in the house after supper; I was in the rear of the house and my wife in the main living area, the kids getting ready for bed. We lived on a dead end road and during the winter snowploughs frequently stopped just down from the house to turn around. This particular evening I heard, or rather felt, the vibrations of what I assumed to be a plough, a sort of humming. I didn’t think much of it, I figured the plough was turning around as usual. However the humming continued for some time and after about ten minutes I went outside to see what was going on, occasionally the drivers would stop for a coffee break. I couldn’t see a plough or any lights and as I returned to the house I caught a glimpse of something overhead.

I couldn’t really see what it was but the humming stopped and I went to the window at the rear of the house to look. We lived close to the flight path which led to Prince George airport and were used to seeing planes overhead. I was interested to see what type of plane made such a noise and watched out of the window and saw lights heading towards the airport. As I watched, the lights stopped moving and remained stationary then suddenly started to retrace their path towards the house. I yelled to my wife to grab the binoculars as this seemed at odds with the usual behaviour of a plane, although it could have been a helicopter.

We both went outside and watched as the lights, which, I recall, were blue and white, came closer. It was a typical clear winter night, there was no extraneous light around except for that from the house and the sky was ablaze with stars. We watched as this object passed overhead, its outline was perfectly visible against the backdrop of stars and it was pretty darned big. I had watched it through binoculars as it retraced its path but as it approached the house and passed overhead I no longer used them as it was, or apparently so, huge. It was shaped like a boomerang, or a flying wing, and had several blue and white lights along the trailing edge. It was absolutely silent as it passed over us and both my wife and I were stunned with its size. It looked like a jumbo jet without the fuselage. Our daughters, who had heard us talking excitedly, had joined us by this time. There was a most disquieting feeling as it passed over us and headed over the local lake. We felt emotionally drained and we both had felt an almost telepathic thought saying, " We shall return!" It is for this reason we’ve never spoken about it as we figured we’d be taken for fruitcakes!

The next day my eldest daughter came home from school saying both she and a friend had seen a silver ball in the sky. I’ve never seen anything odd since. I have a minor interest in the possibility of UFOs but am somewhat sceptical of many stories reported. I do however know I saw something out of the ordinary that winter night and remain open-minded on the subject.

Richard Wilford