UFO Seen In [Colwood] Area

Juan de Fuca News Review, Colwood, BC, October 18, 1972.

Several UFO sightings in the district have been rumored during the past week or 10 days.

The latest to come to the attention of the News Review is from Mrs. Marjorie Parker, Florence Lake Road.

Although a skeptic on the matter of UFO's she and her 10 year old son Rob saw a large elliptical object emitting whitish-yellow lights from about eight openings while It hovered over the Victoria area about 7 a.m. on Wednesday, October 11.

The light turned to a bluish color, Mrs. Parker said, while it continued to hover noiselessly. The two watched the object for about 20 minutes--then it moved off out of sight.

Whether it was a UFO or not, she's not certain, but it wasn't an aircraft of any kind. So right now she doesn't know what to believe.

Other sightings have been reported in the Mill Hill area.