source - Canadian UFO Report

One of the strangest Canadian cases in our records occurred in January 1977, on a highway near Prince George, B.C. when a large illuminated craft flew between two vehicles approaching each other and rendered the drivers unconscious. When they came to they found they had missed a head-on collision by inches.

The name of the witness, which he allowed to be used, is Kirk Alore. He is a bright young man who works in the local supermarket. Although the other witness has not come forward, Alore's account has weathered hard questioning and contains one important detail not stressed in other reports but which in our opinion puts truth of the case decisively in his favor. It concerns the "circular thing" shown underneath the craft. Alore, staring up at it just before he blacked out, saw it contained two sets of fans rotating slowly in opposite directions around one axle.

Unknown to him, in that brief moment he was given a "matching case" that we think was all he needed to confirm his statement. In a previous case, investigator Bill Allan reported the case of a Calgary doctor who, while out riding on his horse, had a close encounter with a circular object that hovered overhead. He told Allan: "The underpart of it, which was all I could see contained two circular vent-like structures, like the bottom of a mushroom, rotating in opposite directions (around the same center)". "I could actually see them going around, as they were moving quite slowly". Although the sightings differed in other respects, the two descriptions of that bottom part were almost identical. Fiction would not have managed that nearly so well!

Here in part is the interview with Kirk Alore taken directly from a tape-recorder: "I came up around a corner on the way from Prince George and noticed a red light about a mile away, to my right above some hydro towers." "I just kept driving on and looking at it, and then I saw a car coming." "He was about half a mile away." "Then I noticed this red light move." "I kept staring at it and it just sort of shot right over the top of the oncoming car."

"I just stared at it in amazement." "Then it shot towards me, when the oncoming car was about 300 yards away, and it was huge!" "It took up about two highway widths and at that instant the red light lit up the interior of my cab and I got strange sensations, like my arms fell asleep and my legs fell asleep and they felt like pins and needles." "Then I swerved and missed this thing because it was coming right towards me." "It all happened so fast I just don't remember anything after." "I sort of blacked out, I guess." "According to our watches it was fifteen minutes later or so (making it about four thirty a.m.) And this guy was opening my door and shaking me." "He was asking if I was all right!" "I said, 'Yes I'm OK, I guess". "But I was sort of sick at the moment and was aching all over." "My arms and everything were sore." "Our cars were about two feet apart."

He said, "A strange thing happened to me. I was outside my car when I came to. We could find no skid marks and I was doing at least seventy miles an hour when I swerved into his lane. We went to the hospital in Vanderhoof, both of us, and they checked us over and there was apparently just shock. That's all it was. I never did get the other guy's name." (Note: Bill Allan who took part in the interview later tried to confirm this at the hospital, without success. However, since it was not necessary to admit the two men even as outpatients, possibly no record was kept).

"Alligator Skin" UFO drawing by Brian James, Prince George, BC - 1977Asked for a description of the object, Kirk said, "It was oblong, the outer shell looked more or less like alligator skin." "It had little protruding wings, except they were rounded." "Underneath, between the wings it had a circular thing, like an electric razor." "You know, the discs?" "That's what it had underneath, one turning slowly inside the other, which was turning the other way." "It had a dome on top with different colored lights inside --green, red, yellow, blue, all like little dots." "Then it had just one straight beam of red light when it shone the red light in my truck." He explained the little lights were constantly changing in color. He said he stared at the thing for what seemed like "the longest time" when it was over the top of the other car. "I could see everything in great detail."

Alore estimated the diameter of the circular thing underneath was about twenty feet and, while the explanation was not quite clear, we gathered the inner circle was about fifteen feet in diameter. They revolved about one center.

He said the surface of the object reminded him of an alligator skin because of it's "texture - the ripples in it - and its color was dull, somewhat like an alligator skin." The other man told Alore he had first seen the object in his rear-view mirror, and as it moved in front of him he had the same prickly sensation as Alore. After that he did not remember a thing, except seeing Alore's headlights and the bottom of the object. He said his impression of it agreed with Alore's. Both remembered the inner rotating part was darker than the outer.

That final point, though small, could be significant. The witness in the Calgary case also noticed a contrasting shade of material, though in that incident, it appeared the fans were darker than the outer casing. But with one witness riding a bucking horse and the other driving on a collision course, it is only remarkable that they noticed anything like that at all!