Date: August 1977- Agassiz,BC

Report from CUFORG - Bonnie Wheeler

The witnesses were out walking and noticed a moving object over the nearby field. The object then stopped, remaining stationary for about five minutes, and then started to move again very slowly, as if looking for something. At that moment four other objects appeared, following the first object, and appeared to pulsate from bright to dim.  The first object, which looked larger than a 747 jet, had 12 to 14 windows, while the smaller ones, about the size of a 747, had eight. The windows appeared to have lights shining from within which changed from yellow to green to red to orange. The witnesses estimated the objects to be 1/4 mile away and 2000 to 6000 feet high. After changing their positions several times the five unknowns disappeared behind Bear Mountain, toward Harrison Lake and the valley. The only other fact the witnesses could add was that their dog was very restless that evening and couldn't sleep.