Another Vancouver Island Sighting

From Canadian UFO Report Vol 1 No 7 (Summer 1970)



"On a summer evening early in the '60s I heard the news that the Soviet sputnik might be seen in orbit crossing our hemisphere. So I walked my Scotty dog, Cam, over to a field, where horses and colts were grazing, which he and I often visited."

"As I stood there I saw a bright dot of light just over Little Saanich Mountain by the astrophysical observatory. I thought, here comes sputnik. I expected to see a flash like a meteorite cross the mountain, but to my amazement it came slowly and grew larger and larger."

Telling us of her experience was Miss M. I. Footner of Victoria, sister-in-law of our artist, Lesley Footner, who sketched the scene as shown opposite [above]. She continued:

"I did not take my eyes off it and began to think it might be the reflection of an airplane. Suddenly it was above me and became stationary - all silver shining in the late sun with a number of twinkling lights along the side."

"I thought again, is this a wingless plane, or dirigible? But there were no gondolas and not a sound. I expected it to continue on to the southwest but suddenly it veered at right angle and swiftly disappeared over the trees towards Finlayson Arm (Pat Bay is at entrance, see map) and the Sooke mountains."

"As I walked home I wondered if anyone else had seen this strange object, though I realized many people were probably indoors at this time. I had felt no fear at all. I had looked carefully at the bright shining lights like windows along the sides but could see no faces or forms of any kind. The object had a soft glow about it, not like the metal appearance of our airplanes. Neither the horses nor my Scotty showed any fear, and no neighborhood dogs barked."

Miss Footner guessed the cigar-shaped object, hovering just above the tallest trees, was about 100 feet in length and 25-30 feet in circumference. Later she learned that a friend who lived nearby, Miss Audrey Winderburn, had seen a craft of similar appearance while outside attending to her horse.