Vancouver Province October 23, 1965


Those 'things' are with us again.

Air Force intelligence officers are investigating reports that vary from lights in the sky over Vancouver to a mysterious red globe that hovered over the ground near Aldergrove.

The sightings came in early Wednesday.

At least three were received by Air Sea Rescue Centre, the Canadian Press carried a full account of another and radio stations received more.

Mrs. O. B. Olson of Aldergrove said she watched the red globe for 10 minutes from a window of her home.

She said it was 300 yards away, about 30 feet in diameter, and moved off towards Vancouver with a flash that lit up the sky.

The other calls referred to bright lights high in the sky over Vancouver, Capital Hill and White Rock.

No aircraft were known to be in the area at the time.

An RCAF spokesman said such reports were turned over to Intelligence for checking.  He could not comment on these reports but many in the past had turned out to be weather balloons.