Saucers Visit Phenomena Meet

Source: Vancouver Sun, August 16 1965



Some honored guests turned up Sunday night for the second day of a week-long conclave on psychic phenomena.

The guests - flying saucers, of course.

At least that's what some Vancouver residents reported after sighting bright lights in the sky over Seymour Mountain, the airport and Birch Bay.

And a speaker at the conclave isn't surprised at all.

Major Wayne Aho, from Seattle, said a convention of flying saucer enthusiasts was held in Washington state last month, and there were numerous reports of such sightings, he said.

"They started before the conclave, and sightings have been reported continually for the last month in the area."

Vancouver residents phoned The Sun about 9PM Sunday, with reports that there were weird red and green lights over Seymour Mountain.

The weather office on Sea Island received many similar calls from people saying they saw lights above the mountain, and over the airport.  Similar reports last week on sightings over Grouse were not explained, but RCAF air rescue authorities said today they believe the lights are actually stars.

One Vancouver man, however, is quite convinced he saw a flying saucer over Birch Bay.

"I was down at the beach at 4:40 PM Sunday when I heard the drone", said Gerald Squires.

Squires described the flying object as being silver and globular, like a ball.  He could not judge its size.

Sunday was the second day of the New Age conclave being held at the York Theatre.  There were 35 persons present.