Girl Terrified By UFO

The Vancouver Sun, October 5, 1966



Duncan - A 14 year old girl riding a horse in a field near here was terrified when a mysterious object hovered over her head. Gaynor Wilson, of Glenora, said the object was so bright it lit the ground around her. She rushed home and her father was attracted by her frantic cries.

He rushed outside and also saw the object which he described as being orange in colour. A high pitched hum from the object was described as being painful to the ears. Wilson said he saw  two of the strange objects. "I'm not going to say they were flying saucers but it is something I can't explain and nobody seems to be able to explain it to me," Wilson said.

As nobody seems to be brave enough to call the objects flying saucers, the Editor now says that this is what they were. What's in a name anyway?