Jingle Bells June 1954

source - Canadian UFO Report - 1973

"I sometimes think my ears must have been playing tricks, yet I feel sure it really did happen. Each time the thing climbed to the top of its wavy flight, I thought I heard a faint sound coming from it. It sounded like Chinese chimes." That was the remark made by Mrs. Dino D. who lives near Radium, BC in describing an incident outside her home in the Rocky Mountains Trench one night in June, 1954. Through her window she saw a hat-shaped object go by, giving off greenish and pink lights. Now consider this incident, 19 years later; as reported in the Birmingham (Ala.) News last Sept. 20 during the rash of sightings in that area: "Carville police officer, Gary C. said he and several other people saw a large disc-shaped object . . . He described it as being about the size of a car, with a red light on one side, a green one on the other and a white one in the middle. "'It made a slight ringing noise,' he said. 'Like bells jingling. I really feel sort of foolish telling anyone about it. But we know what we saw and heard."