Objects Seen Twice In A Month


Three strange objects were seen in the sky near Prince George, British Columbia, on Tuesday evening, January 8 [1957]. This is the second time that flying saucers have been seen here in less than a month.

Pat Patterson, President of the Prince George Flying Saucer Club, reported that one of the objects, yellowish in colour, was seen due north of the city. The other, a bright orange, was observed almost due east and low on the horizon.

He said that seven other persons in addition to himself watched the lights for a period of about ten minutes before they disappeared over the horizon at about 5:30 pm.

"The strange thing about them," said Patterson, " was that the brilliance thrown off them was from the top and bottom of the lights. There appeared to be no brilliance cast from the sides."

Patterson, who organized the Flying Saucer Club in the city recently, said he watched the objects through powerful binoculars, but was unable to identify by what means they were propelled.

Less than a month before, a bright orange saucer was seen in the sky close to the horizon.

Patterson reported the objects seen on January 8 to the United States Air Force radar base at Mt. Baldy Hughes.

Flying Saucer Review - 1957