The Canadian Department of Transport Report

Thanks to UFO Joe for these reports.


Vancouver, British Columbia

July 3, 1952

A single observer noticed at 11:55 PM, PDT, a bright round amber light move from the south in a northwesterly direction until it was about due west when it turned and headed southwest.  The object was in view about 1 minute.


Nootka, British Columbia

On July 30, 1952

At 1:37 AM PST the lightkeeper at Nootka Station observed a luminous object travelling northwest by north. It was in view between 3 and 4 seconds and passed almost overhead. There was no sound or vapour trail.


Prince Rupert, British Columbia

December 3, 1952

The Chief Officer of a Canadian Government Steamship at berth in Prince Rupert at 8:00 AM PST on December 3 observed a small bright object travelling east from a position north of the observer.It was about the same brightness as a major planet and subtended about the same angle as Jupiter at its nearest approach to Earth.

It was in view about 6 seconds. There was no sound and no trail.