Cultus Lake Sighting

Mrs. Gladys Ker, Victoria, B.C.



I would like to bring to your attention my own experience in the subject of UFOs, dating back to July 25, 1947. I will quote the article which appeared in the 'Vancouver Sun' of the next day, the information having been supplied by me.

Chilliwack, July 25 - The first flying saucer seen over the Fraser Valley was spotted about nine o'clock Wednesday evening by a party of four women at Cultus Lake. Seated on the lawn in front of the home of Mrs. A. D. May, Spruce St., were Mrs. May, her daughter Miss Valerie May, Mrs. Launce Ker and Miss W. Allt, when suddenly Mrs. Ker exclaimed "There goes a flying saucer!" as she pointed to a spot above the mountains to the southeast of the lake. There, according to the four, was a large round disc with a shiny appearance, traveling at a "fair" rate of speed, at an estimated height of 500 feet above the mountain tops. It was traveling in a southwesterly direction and as they watched, it went into a large while cloud. Still watching, the foursome had another glimpse of the "saucer" as it came into a thin spot in the cloud, but was quickly obscured from view and not seen again. When queried as to the possibility of it being an airplane with the moon shining on it, Mrs. Ker stated that there was not the slightest sound of a plane engine anywhere.

To this I should like to add that it was "summer time" and the sun was still up behind the mountain, hence lighting up the object. Also that all the women (even including myself) were ordinary sensible well-educated types, Miss Allt being a visitor from England and an executive in the Paragon China Potteries.