Unidentified Swimming Objects

Graham Conway - April 6, 2001

I recently received a letter that apart from being very interesting is also disturbing because of the questions that it raises. This is a strange story the likes of which I have never heard before and I have had more than my share of the wild, weird and woolly. But back to the letter, here we go:

"What I'm about to tell you is very difficult for me to talk about. Every time I think about it I feel like throwing up. This happened in _____ (BC) when I was about 18 or 19 years old. One morning I woke up with a terrible pressure in my lower abdomen. My periods were late in coming, (which was not unusual for me at times) so I assumed that maybe I was about to start my monthly cycle. So I got up and went to the washroom but saw no blood. However while I was going to the washroom I heard a couple of "plops" and felt something weird around my vagina area. When I got up and turned around I got the shock of my life. In the toilet were four grayish "things". They looked like a cross between a fetus and a seahorse. (Please bear with me as I know this must sound absolutely insane). They were about l cm. long and a bit larger than cm. wide. The worst part of this incident was that these things were ALIVE. I say this, because these things were moving through the water like a seahorse does to propel itself through the water as it swims. The "tail" would curl up and then down as it maneuvered around. Here is a picture of them. I'm sorry I'm not much of an artist, so I'm afraid this is the best that I can do."

Unidentified Swimming Objects

"They were almost the colour of a raw shrimp or prawn, jelly-like gray things with no eyes that I could notice. Just kind of a bump where the eyes should have been. No ears. No fins as fish might have, etc. They were disgusting. I was so terrified that these things had come out of my body, that I flushed them down as soon as I could. I think I was in shock for several days from this. It was really traumatic for me, and there was no one that I could talk to about what had happened. To this day I have not shared this with many people, maybe three in all. If you have ever heard of anyone with the same type of experience, or you know of any scientist that might shed some light on these things I would really appreciate it. Do you know that ever since that experience, I can't help but check the toilet every time I go now. I am terrified that something like that will happen again. Well that's the story in a nutshell. I still have nightmares about those things sometimes."

This letter arrived in February 2001. I thought about it a lot. Many questions came to mind that needed answers. Clearly some of those answers weren't going to be forthcoming. In March I was sorting through a box of papers that I had kept since I was teaching in high school. Lo and behold, what did I find but a diagram from some past biology class. My first reaction was "WOW"! Methinks I have seen this stuff elsewhere and all too recently.


Embryonic Development by George John Romanes

George John Romanes "Darwin and after Darwin"
The Open Court Publishing Company. La Salle, Illinois.

I spoke to a R.N. about her knowledge of obstetrics. She read the letter and told me that if indeed this lady had miscarried, the fetus would be pink in colour. In her opinion the "baby" would be in its eighth week and she felt certainly not capable of any movement that resembled active "swimming" motions. She also added what many women are fully aware of and that is any miscarriage will be accompanied by the loss of a large amount of blood and a D&C would be also required to remove the afterbirth material. This "lesson" in impromptu delivery came with the additional information that the arrival of the baby would be proceeded by severe cramping in the lower regions.

Armed with this knowledge I sent a copy of the fetus diagrams to the lady who wrote the letter. A short time later I received a phone call. She told me that on opening my letter and seeing its contents her immediate reaction was an overpowering wave of nausea that swept up from her abdomen to her throat. Her next reaction was a replica of my own, "WOW"! I then proceeded to ask some further questions. Yes, she was married at that time, no she didn't tell her husband, no she didn't go to see her doctor nor did she go to the hospital. Yes, if it should happen again (heaven forbid) she would exercise a greater degree of common sense and less of panic. Making a point to retrieve the "creatures" for lab analysis and hopefully identification.

So in conclusion I might ask on behalf of the "surrogate mother", does anyone know of, or has heard of, a similar case anywhere? Should you wish to make any further contact I can be reached at UFO British Columbia by e-mail:

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(N.E.) I have known this lady a good ten years or more. This incident is only one of many strange occurrences that have taken place since early childhood. It will come as no further surprise when I state that both her son and daughter can relate their own share of unexplainable incidents. Like many "experiencers" this lady seems to have come to terms with what has happened in her past. Consequently she has developed a sense of compassion for people like herself, caught in a mesh of something that seems beyond our ability to fully comprehend. They can only reach out a helping hand to others in similar circumstances and say again; "You are not alone".

Please note that since publishing this article our attention has been drawn, by a number of readers, to two facts that we were not previously aware of. First of all the text book illustration of the four vertebrates are now known to be faked. These drawings we are told were done by Ernst Haeckel in the 1800's and were refuted in 1995 by the British embryologist Michael Richardson.

Secondly it is alleged that what this unfortunate lady ejected from her body may possibly be a form of parasite which we are told "we all have"! "70% are microscopic and 30% you can see visually and some of them are quite large".

We offer our apologies for these errors and thank our alert readers for drawing our attention and offering corrective information.