Five people had a strange experience at Taharti Lake in British Columbia last summer. The lake is located near Quesnel, B.C. A father and son were hiking around the remote lake when they spied "an oval-shaped object about the size of a car." It hovered above the water for three minutes and then zipped away.

The father and son returned to their cabin and told the three people who were camping with them. The sighting took place on July 21, 1994*. The father and son left the cabin the following morning. On their way home, they stopped at a gas station/convenience store on Highway 97. The boy was startled when he saw the front page of the Quesnel newspaper.

The date read "July 23" instead of "July 22," as he expected. He and his father had somehow lost 24 hours. The same thing happened to the other three people at the cabin. They stayed an extra night and left on what they thought was July 22. As they drove home, they turned on the car radio and were stunned when the news announcer said the date was July 24.

The "Taharti Lake Five" reported their strange experience to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the report ended up in the RCMP's X-Files.

* Note: many internet sites report this date as 1995. This is incorrect, UFO*BC has obtained a copy of the RCMP report and the date of the sighting was July 21, 1994.