Reprinted from an article appearing in The Weekly Newsmagazine, British Columbian Report, May 27, 1991, Volume 2 Number 39.

Last week researcher Chris Rutkowski, of Winnipeg revealed that British Columbians reported 114, or 49% of the 232 UFO sightings in Canada in 1990. For some the survey was confirmation of a long-held belief that B.C. is home to more than its share of those on the lunatic fringe. But for those who claim to have encountered beings from outer space, the survey was a confidence-builder. They could take comfort in the knowledge that more and more of their neighbours are willing to risk being classified as crazies[sic], by speaking of encounters with extra-terrestrials.

Alvena Scott, a 41-year old Vancouver receptionist, is one of those finding security in numbers. Miss Scott claims she has been about as close as anyone can get to a space alien. Indeed she is one of about 20 people in the Vancouver area who say they have been abducted by extra-terrestrials. Apparently some of the aliens were nice enough to operate on her to repair a faulty kidney. Others, however, were only interested in her reproductive capacity. She says the latter group impregnated her during a March 1990 abduction. Three months later, despite the fact she had been celibate for years, she experienced a miscarriage.

Miss Scott says that in the summer of 1985 she was experiencing excruciating pain in the area of her left kidney. Doctors told her the kidney would have to be removed but she feared surgery and would not consent to an operation. She explains that during this period she began nightly meditations and it was after one of these sessions that the first alien showed up in her bedroom. The next thing she knew she was in a circular room surrounded by seven-foot-tall, blue-eyed, human- like creatures. She awoke in her bed the next morning to find blood on her sheets and on her torso. But her kidney problem was gone.

Miss Scott says that five years after her encounter with the beneficent, tall, blue-eyed beings she had a bad experience with some small, insect-featured extra-terrestrials. She claims that in March of 1990 she was "forcibly taken" in the middle of the night to a spaceship. Apart from going through a series of tunnels she remembers nothing of the journey to the spaceship but she has vivid recollections of her experiences aboard the aliens' craft. She was one of about 20 "earth people," of both sexes, on the ship. After communicating with the aliens by telepathy she learned the earth women would have sperm "injected into them." She received sperm but was not told who or what provided it. Three months later she had a miscarriage.

A tissue sample from the miscarriage has allegedly been given to Lorne Goldfader, director of the Vancouver-based UFO Research Institute of Canada (UFORIC). Mr. Goldfader says other UFO researchers have had evidence of fetuses mysteriously disappearing. To reduce the risk of theft he's not disclosing where the tissue is being stored. The 41-year-old Vancouver postal worker says the sample, which "appears to be in the first stage of a foetus[sic]," will be examined by a pathologist in due course. However, as of last week, despite a year-long search, Mr. Goldfader had been unable to find a lab willing to perform the analysis.

Another UFO researcher, Graham Conway from Delta, says that based on his knowledge of the case and the phenomenon, the sample tissue "does indeed look to be what he (Mr. Goldfader) claims it is." Mr. Conway, 64, described the material as a tiny but "perfectly human (-looking) foetus[sic] with a tiny umbilical chord attached to it." The former high school teacher says he has no doubts about Miss Scott's "sincerity" in the matter. And after 44 years in the (UFO research) field, he thinks this might well be the long-awaited breakthrough in abduction research.

His experience in the field leads him to believe that accounts like those of Miss Scott are becoming too numerous to ignore. "If it's a figment of the imagination, it is happening to a lot of imaginations. I believe that there's inference with birth."

In another case he investigated, a B.C. woman reported being taken aboard a spacecraft and introduced to a boy she was told was her son. He says most of the women who report such genetic tampering are in the 35-40 age group. He adds that a significant number of "abducted" women have been sexually abused in their earth lives.

For her part Miss Scott says the alien encounters not only cured her kidney problems but also gave her a whole new outlook on life and made her "a much more spiritual person." Still, she confesses that there has been a negative side-effect. "My relatives think I'm nuts." -- Barbara Tandory