Surrey Strange Happenings (part 2)

By Stephen Adair

If the above heading seems familiar to you, go to the head of the class, because you are a regular reader of this magazine. (Thank you!) In our last issue, we reported that a Surrey resident, whom we shall refer to here as R.W., called our hotline in January 98, to report a very strange and unsettling incident that had taken place at his home. That incident was just the latest in a life that seemed to be peppered with odd events. Those of you who havenít a clue what Iím referring to will have to pick up a back issue. Anyway, the phone rang again about Apr.16, and it was R.W. again. Now here were two possibilities: 1) R.W. didnít like my last report, or 2) there was a new incident to write up. Thankfully, the latter was correct.

Here is what R.W. had to tell us this time, and I personally believe him to be a sincere fellow, that has better things to do with his time than sit around and think of ways to amuse us here at UFO*BC. We can usually find our own methods of amusement. Hereís what happened: It was after 1 a.m. on Monday, April 16/98 and R.W. was in bed in the basement area of his house, there were two young boys sharing the room with him, his son, age 10, and I believe, a nephew that was sleeping over. Apparently his son is a very light sleeper, and is easily woken. That wasnít the case this night.

R.W., who was lying quietly, not yet sleeping, suddenly became aware of a combination whirring/whistling sound, the room became hazy, and filled with a bluish green coloured light. The usually easily awoken son, and the nephew, slept on. To R.W.ís utter amazement, an object appeared directly over him, that was 4 feet across, approximately 6 feet long, and about 3 feet above him. According to R.W., this object was shaped like the bottom of a boat. At this point, he felt that his arms were being extended upward, and he involuntarily grabbed onto the bottom of the object. He described the feel of this thing as warm and slippery, it had the feel of Ďtin foilí. The colour was grey and black, he also saw something he describes as a Ďwindowí, about 6 inches wide, and covering the length of the object. R.W. tells us that he was in this position, with his arms extended holding onto this object for two hours, with the incident ending at about 4:15 a.m. He also sensed a voice telling him Ďnot to be afraidí. His memory is sketchy past this point, but we can assume that the object retreated to where ever it originated from, R.W. finally got normal use of his limbs, and went to sleep. He reports that his left hand was burned and that he felt quite ill the following day, with burning and watering eyes.

A few days later, while in a bank lineup, he saw a blue/green ball of light, and felt that there were hands on his shoulders. He seems to think that a lady in the bank must have seen this also, as she was looking in his direction at this time, but if she did, she didnít respond in any way.

Now, we really donít know what to make of all this, and R.W. is just as puzzled, and I feel reasonably certain that we havenít heard the last from our friend in Surrey. There are of course many questions, and very few answers. But we will continue to take the calls, gather the information, and pass it on. The late entertainer, John Denver, in a lyric from one of his many hits, sang "Life is just a funny, funny riddle". Who could disagree? Until the phone rings again.....