Surrey Strange Happenings

Investigated by Steve Adair and Graham Conway
Report written by Steve Adair.

On January 25 of this year, there was a message on our hotline service marked urgent. Intrigued that someone had left an ‘urgent’ message while it was my two week shift on the hotline (at UFO*BC we take a rotational 2 week stint at following up on hotline calls), I wasted no time in getting back to the caller. I was rewarded! The following is the account of R.W. of Surrey.

Sometime between December 12 & 20, 1997, something strange indeed occurred at the home of the caller. It was around midnight and R.W. was preparing to retire for the night in the basement portion of the house, a small bedroom area he shares with his 5 year old daughter. According to the witness, he was lying in his bed looking across the room at her, just before dozing off, when he heard a loud hissing sound . At the same time, the room became filled with very bright, white light. Suddenly, he became unable to move, his body ‘paralyzed’, along with a burning, itching sensation from head to toe. He looked at his daughter again, but was no longer looking across the room, but DOWN at her! He sensed that he was indeed rising up, and felt fear, but at the same time, calm and relaxed. The room at this time was still flooded with very bright, white light.

The witness then found himself lying on some sort of bed, in what he describes as a huge, square shaped room, also very brightly lit, and hazy. He recalls seeing what he thought were very white, bluish coloured sheets hanging all around. He felt that someone was holding the back of his head, and he could hear speaking, perhaps half a dozen or more different voices, speaking in different languages, and volume levels. He felt fear, but heard a voice telepathically telling him that he and his daughter were ‘ok’, and had nothing to fear. He did not see his daughter, or any one else during this entire event. When asked if he noticed odours of any kind, he recalls the smell of what he thought was liver!

He doesn't recall much after this, finding himself back in his own bed just as daylight was breaking, (this incident began around midnight to 1 a.m.) His body still had a tingling sensation, and it was very difficult to move, and was still feeling ‘itchy’ all over. Since this experience, he has been having nightmares, and is fearful of going to bed at night. A red itchy rash has appeared on the back of his left hand. During the day, he senses that someone is wanting to communicate with him, and touch him. While watching TV, or sitting reading, he can hear murmuring, or whispering, but can’t understand what is being said. Along with this (if that weren’t enough!) tiny bright blue diamond shaped points of light will suddenly go past his field of vision while sitting reading, or watching television.

It would seem that this is just the latest in a series of odd events that R.W. has experienced over the last 30 years or so. Among them, the sighting of a ‘Spitfire’ World War II aircraft (with no emblems or markings), close enough to see the pilot, who looked right at him, and raised a hand in a sort of greeting. This in itself may be unremarkable, but what is remarkable is that the aircraft was in a nose-dive, and a crash was imminent, as there was no place for a plane to land. However, there was no crash, and no evidence of any aircraft. This was followed shortly after by an equally puzzling event, when the witness was with his Grandfather in the garden behind their home in Surrey, on a beautiful sunny day, when out of a clear blue sky came a ‘bolt of lightning’ which hit a rock in the backyard, right in front of the witness. They picked up the rock, and reported that it had a ‘golden glow’. These events took place about 1959.

In 1975 things got stranger still. The witness was in the King George Highway & 112th Avenue area, along with some family and friends, when they all saw an object described as a bright orange ball with a smaller ball on top drop from the sky and hover. Estimated distance was ‘a few miles’. Observation time, about 10 minutes. As luck would have it, the witness had a Polaroid camera with him, and was able to take a few pictures of the object, which then took off suddenly. Apparently others in the Port Mann area had also seen the object, as the Columbian Paper ran a short article the following day.

The witness called the airport regarding this sighting, but no one there could offer any information. R.W. then went to the Columbian newspaper to share his story, who reported it in the next edition, and to R.W.’s dismay, included his name and address. This was soon followed by a telephone call and a visit from a military man, a Sgt. Major, who said he was from Jericho Beach military base. After arriving at the witness’ home, dressed in full uniform, and arriving in a green military car, he asked if he could come in and discuss the sighting with the witness and his parents. He supplied the three of them with note pads and pencils, and asked them to go into separate rooms and draw what they had seen the day of the sighting. They agreed. The witness then volunteered that he had taken photos of the object and showed them to the Sgt. Major, who asked if there were any negatives, or additional photos. There were no other photos, and no negatives as these were Polaroid shots. The Sgt. Major then took the witness’ camera, and without explanation or apologies, opened the camera and exposed the remaining film. He then put the photos and sketches into his briefcase, and abruptly left the house. Later they received a letter thanking them for phoning in their report (which they hadn’t done!).

Approximately 2 weeks later they got a visit from an individual described as very tall and lanky with a military type haircut, dark wrap around glasses, and a sickly looking greyish white complexion. He said that he had seen the article in the paper and would like to talk to them about the sighting. The witness and his parents invited him in. When offered some coffee and cookies, he seemed puzzled, and asked "What is this?", to which the mother replied "it’s just coffee." The visitor then gulped the very hot coffee straight down, crumbled the cookies up with his hands, and put them in his mouth! He spoke with a slow, slurred type of speech, and seemed to have something like a British accent. During the conversation he was asked where he was from, to which he replied "Oh, quite a distance from here". He went on to say that he was to have met with the object the day of the sighting, but that he had been ‘late’. Noticing the TV set in the corner, he suddenly seemed apprehensive, pointed at it and asked "What is that?", to which the mother replied, " It’s a television", then proceeded to turn it on. The visitor then quite excitedly said "That’s a communicator! Turn it off!"

During the course of the remaining conversation, (which was curiously dotted with Biblical quotations) the witness’ mother made a remark about UFOs and said that if they were coming here to harm us, perhaps we should arm ourselves, and shoot at them first. Upon hearing this remark, the visitor became quite upset and said "You could never harm us, we could destroy your world in the blink of an eye, and would not hesitate to do so!"

All this time the visitor kept checking his watch, reported as being ‘very fancy’ and on the right hand, then suddenly stood up and said "I must leave now, but may I come back again?" R.W. and his parents replied in the affirmative. He then went to the door, and when the witness and family extended their hands to shake his hand , he did not accept, but simply raised his right hand and walked out the door. Immediately after closing the door, they looked out the front window, but the visitor was nowhere to be seen.

I can’t help but wonder if my next ‘tour of duty’ on the hotline will yield the typical ‘light in the sky’ reports (quite often the planet Venus, aircraft with landing lights on, etc...), calls from those with far too much time on their hands and wild imaginations, just plain crank calls, or just maybe........