Possible Abduction?

By Heidi
Saturday, September 4, 2010 to Sunday September 5, 2010

I am not reporting an actual sighting, but more of an abduction, I guess. I was at a friend's house till about 11:30pm on Saturday (Sep 4, 2010). Me and my family got home about 11:30ish, put the kids to bed and my husband went to bed too. I decided I wanted to stay up and watch some TV in the living room. Well I must of fallen asleep, I awoke suddenly to a paralyzed feeling on the couch. I then saw red, green lights out of the corner of my eye and felt as if someone was in my living room. Then all of a sudden I felt I was being led down some kind of corridor, with something holding my hand - it felt cold and clammy. Also I could hear something telling me in my head not to be afraid. I then remember asking why they were doing this, and the response, in a weird sounding voice, was, "we have to do this". I then remember laying on a flat table and something telling me don't be afraid. I then remember asking someone to hold my hand, and something did. I then asked if it would hurt and they said just a little but I would not remember it. Then I remember seeing a big instrument of some kind coming down to my face then I started freaking out but couldn't move. Then I awoke all of a sudden on the couch feeling very weirded out, and it was 5am in the morning. I never sleep that long if I'm on the couch, it was almost like I was missing a few hours. When I got up in the morning finally, I jokingly said to my husband that aliens took me during the night. He just laughed it off. I went to the bathroom and noticed my lounge pants were on backwards. Well the next couple of days after I felt like I'd been run over by a truck, and my legs felt very sore, and extremely tired and fatigued. I tried looking for any evidence of any cuts etc, but I saw nothing. I can't stop thinking about it, I feel like I'm going crazy even thinking it happened. I do suffer from sleep paralysis once in a while, but this has never happened. I am a believer of aliens living out there somewhere, but did this really happen to me or was it just a dream? I can't talk to my husband about it cause he might think I'm going crazy lol. I do not recollect seeing the faces of the beings, just the touch of the skin and how it felt. What do you think about this? I think about it all day long since it happened a week ago.

Thank you.

UFO*BC Response #1:

Hi Heidi,

I don't know what you experienced.

Some of what you describe could be attributable to sleep paralysis. Of course, your account does seem to match the typical narrative of an "alien abduction".

Note that the mind can experience very vivid and realistic experiences as a result of sleep paralysis and other sleep disorders and dream phenomena such as lucid dreaming.

The parts which I see as resembling a sleep paralysis episode are that you feel asleep in a place where you normally don't sleep (the sofa) which would interrupt your normal sleep cycle. Note that people can have sleep paralysis if they are having trouble falling asleep. Some people experience visual and auditory hallucinations during sleep paralysis (the lights as an example). Sleep paralysis is almost always accompanied by a perception of a presence in the room.

Is it possible that your perception of the cold hands, the message in your mind and the big instrument in your face was just a dream? I don't know. I was not there.

The one detail which seems most abnormal was that you noticed that your lounge pants were on backwards - but is it possible that you were tired and sleepy when you changed into them?

I suppose it is possible that you were "abducted" but I can't conclude that from what you are telling us. You indicate that you have experienced sleep paralysis before so it is at least possible that this is another episode which is just a bit overloaded with other "abduction like" narrative. Perhaps it is just your mind repeating fragments from movies and TV you have seen or books you have read.

Your description of the instrument in front of your face reminds me of a scene from "Fire in the sky". Have you watched that movie or read Travis Walton's book?

I don't know if other members of UFOBC have read your experience but I thought you were looking for some feedback.

Best wishes,

UFO*BC Response #2:

Hello Heidi,

Gord has made some good observations and suggestions. At this point I can't say whether your experience was real or not. Could you provide the exact date and approximate geographical location of the incident? In case we get any UFO reports from that area.

Please keep us posted if anything else unusual occurs or if you recover any additional memories.

Many thanks for your report.

Martin Jasek

Witness Responds:


I live in Mission B.C., the west side, towards Maple Ridge. It happened on Saturday-Sunday Sept 4th/5th...time frame.....probably between 11:30 pm and 5 am. I will definitely keep you posted if anything else happens, or memories pop up.

Thanks again.